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The Misadventures of Time Tourist Nagi - Doctor's Visit By noisekeeper -- Report

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Nagi squirmed uncomfortably. The bed she was laying on was far too small for someone of her current size, and on top of that, she doubted it was sturdy enough to support her weight as well. Another worrying creak from the legs of the bed made Nagi give a nervous gulp, hoping this excruciatingly long doctor's visit would be over with quickly before she found herself crashing through the floor. From what Nagi was able to deduce from the short time she was in this world, was that it was a planet on the verge of a global apocalypse. No, that wasn't quite it really, but the scant few details she was able to gleam from the members of this facility only confused her further on what sort of calamity these people were facing. All she knew for sure was that they had faced this dire situation before and were trying to avoid it again. So naturally they found Nagi's sudden appearance in their dimension quite the thorn in their side. Having the unfortunate luck to jump into the timeline right in the climax of a fierce battle with a giant invader they were calling the Triangulum. Though Nagi did her best to assist them they were none too thankful due to that once the battle was over she found herself once again afflicted by the repeating curse upon her body, instantaneously becoming pregnant with numerous children, and worse still, passing it along to the female members of their group, each one's belly swelling in an instant with numerous new lives, rendering them quite swollen and helpless.

So naturally this group, which had been calling itself JP's, summarily detained her and ferried her off to be quarantined and studied in some underground base in Nagoya. It was all very sudden and a shock for Nagi who up until now had been treated quite well by each world's inhabitants. But then again, anyone would be suspicious of such a mysterious stranger popping up randomly and inducing mass pregnancy. As gravid as she was right now, with a middle that jutted from her body and stretched several feet high up into the air as she laid on her back, Nagi did not have much room to protest. Feeling a cramp in her sore back, Nagi grunted as she tried to reposition herself, a daunting task to do with what had to be several dozen unborn children pressing down against you while they swam in what felt like a ocean's worth of amniotic fluid.

“Be quiet. I'm trying to concentrate over here.” Came a annoyed voice just beyond Nagi's field of vision.

“I-I apologize. But do you know how much longer this will take? It's well past noon now...” Nagi meekly said, trying to crane her head to look over at her rather silent presiding physician. Despite her efforts, the immense weight holding her down inhibited her from making any meaningful eye contact with the black haired, chenogasm wearing woman. A deep rumble from Nagi's middle reverberated in their ears, her impatient brood signaling their own frustration. “Not to mention that there's the issue of lunch.” she added.

“Mhmm.” Was the only response Nagi got.

“A-Ah, I see...” Nagi conceded, returning her head to its neutral position, letting herself stare at the pale mountain in front of her in quiet defeat. Out of all her travels, from meeting various colorful allies and battling unspeakable horrors, the woman busily typing away at her keyboard next to her was probably the most infuriatingly enigmatic person Nagi had ever encountered. Had she been some some few hundred pounds lighter, she would have walked off in frustration, unable to tolerate this woman's attitude. As gigantically pregnant as she was however, Nagi was more or less at the mercy of whatever protracted experimentation she was forced to endure. Poked and prodded without any concern for personal boundaries, slathered with cold gel and then hooked up to some bizarre beeping contraption with numerous wired 'things' stuck all along the surface of her gravid swell. It was all very demeaning for a devil summoner to go through in Nagi's humble opinion.

“I'll need you to go through these questions once again.” the woman said abruptly, catching Nagi off guard with just how blunt she was being.

“Again? But I have answered your questions more than once already have I not? Do you not believe my story?” Nagi said, a bit incredulous at how she was being treated.

“Whether or not I believe you is irrelevant. I just need the data to be as accurate as possible, and I don't like to have erroneous results due to foggy memory.”

“I assure you I haven't misspoken at all, Miss Fumi Kanno. My name is Nagi, I am a Devil Summoner from Japan's past who is just trying to get home.” she said, a small bit of exasperation in her voice as she addressed the woman's name in full.

“Mm, yes, that is what you have stated previously. Along with being from an era of Taishō that shouldn't exist and traveling through several alternate timelines via what you call the Akarana Corridor. Then, of course, the final detail of you being saddled with the most unfortunate luck with getting impregnated to obscene levels every time.” Fumi reiterated, reading off her notes in a detached manner like a judge reading off a criminal's list of crimes.

“Y-Yes, but I do wish you wouldn't emphasize that last part in such a...vulgar way.” Nagi said, redness appearing on her cheeks.

“There is no vulgarity in human anatomy. Even in one as distorted as yours.” Fumi said, giving an annoyed sigh. “It's bad enough dealing with the uneducated louts in JP's. But since you're from the backwards era of the twentieth century I will attempt to cut you some slack.”

“You are far too kind, Miss Kanno.” Nagi replied, trying her best to hold her tongue.

“Your thanks is noted and not needed. Besides, it is the least you can manage, considering many of us have this to thank you for.” Fumi stated, making it a point to gesture at her middle, which was at present, swollen with an almost equal level of fecundity as Nagi. The round pink mass having pushed the woman's legs apart as it greedily took up space and rested on the floor. Her dress might has well have been a small tissue paper at this point, barely able to cover her chest, leaving her for the most part, quite naked from the waist down. Not that this Fumi woman seemed to mind much.

“I truly apologize.” Nagi said, feeling herself bite her lip. “But this is far out of my control.”

“Any grade school child could deduce that. The minute you stepped foot in the Nagoya branch of JP's, you sent nearly a quarter of our female staff straight into maternity leave, leaving us short staffed and reducing my role as scientist to just a run of the mill obstetrician.” Fumi said as she hoisted a laptop she was resting on the convenient shelf of her belly onto the table while swiftly replacing it with another. If being pregnant with an uncountable number of instantaneously gestating fetuses had phased her, Fumi hardly showed it. “Which is why Miyako Hotsuin gave the order to have me run tests on you. Tests that will be most beneficial to you as well, as long as you be cooperative and not annoy me any further. Understand?”

“Very much so.” Nagi gulped.

A chorus of mechanical beeps from the machine that Nagi was attached to got both of their attention.

“Oh good, the data from that is done.”

“Does that mean I can relieve myself of these accursed things attached to my belly?” Nagi asked.

“Hardly. Now be quiet as I look over these results.” Fumi said, quickly dashing the younger woman's hopes to be free of this infernal device and acquire a much needed meal.

Several minutes of tense silence followed as Nagi tried her best recall her master's teaching on meditation. It usually helped to calm her nerves in more stressful times, and she had found it quite useful when dealing with these bouts of prolonged pregnancies. Though the unborn gestating inside her had a tendency to disregard their mother's attempts to clear her mind and do whatever they felt like. Such was the case for one particular rambunctious fetus as it kicked and squirmed within, upsetting its cramped siblings that soon began to kick back in return. Nagi gave a small chuckle, running her hands over the rippling skin of her massive belly, feeling the soft movements of her children pushing against her palms.

“Find something amusing?” Fumi asked, not taking her eyes off her laptop.

“Hm? Oh no, it's nothing really. Just, well, they're kicking.” Nagi said, giving a thankful sigh as she felt the energetic activity within start to calm down thanks to their mother's gentle reassurances.

“Yes, fetal movement is very common.” said Fumi, briefly taking her hand away from her computer to softly pat the sides of her pregnant middle. “These ones are making a fuss right now. It's very distracting.”

“I see. You know, you carry yourself quite well for someone who is... quite large. Have you been pregnant before?” Nagi tentatively asked. For all her time with Fumi, the woman had been quite tight lipped about herself. She figured this maternal experience they were currently sharing would be as best of a chance as ever to try and break the ice and learn more about her.

“No, first time.” Fumi replied without hesitation. “However I still researched enough to understand most of it. However, there are still some infuriating gaps in my knowledge about the subject. Which is why after this I intend to gather more data from you.”

“More?” Nagi said, finding herself growing weary at the prospect of being stuck on this bed even further next to Fumi. “Surely there are some women here who have some experience being mothers.”

“Yes, but whatever experience they may have is vastly inferior to yours. Or has your foggy time traveling memory already forgotten what you answered in my questionnaire. Counting this,” Fumi said, pointing to Nagi's towering bump, “you've been pregnant six times. Meaning you've giving birth five times. There is also the fact that you are the only one here with first hand experience on being pregnant and giving birth with so many offspring at once. JP's is going to go through with a baby boom the likes Japan as never seen before, and right at the eve of a possible global apocalypse that we still have to deal with. So yes, your experience on birthing lots of babies is very valuable.”

“W-Well, when you state it that way...” Nagi said, feeling herself go beet red.

“If you're worried about lunch we'll get you something from the commissary. I'm feeling peckish myself as well.” Fumi said, ignoring the deep low rumble emanating from her stomach.”Anyway I think I have gotten enough out of this current set of data.”

“What does it say, if I may ask?”

“I doubt you would understand most of it.” Fumi said, only to relent when she saw Nagi giving her a glare. “But I suppose I could try to break it down to the most rudimentary of levels. Basically whatever is going on in that belly of yours is generating a lot of energy. Energy that is similar to the Dragon Stream, the leylines that run throughout Japan. Though the circumstances may be different, you are sort of like an avatar for potential energy.”

“Yes, I can thank the angel Remiel for that. He is the one who bestowed such a 'blessing' upon me.” Nagi said, bitterly recalling the timeline she had first visited where the archangel had gifted her with this current curse of boundless fertility.

“I'm well aware of that. You blabbered on about that point in particular.”

“But why? Why me specifically? And why go out of the why to have it be such an outrageous ability such as this?” Nagi breathlessly said as she had her hands emphasize just how round she was.

“That I do not know. And since this archangel of yours isn't here, I can't question him about it. Not that I really care, the sooner we can send you along your way the better. It is clear you presence in these timelines isn't normal, the fact you are leaving behind your abundant genetic legacy with each stop is troubling enough to think about without giving me a headache.”

“But surely all your testing can stop whatever this is from happening again right?” Nagi said.

“This is not like turning off a faucet. Whatever energy this Remiel used on you something of equal energy must be used to reverse it, and right now we simply don't have the resources, or the time, to help you. I'm sorry, but the most we can do is provide is to send you along to your next destination.” said Fumi, trying her hardest at the end to be as understanding as her personality would allow.

“That certainly would mean a seventh pregnancy for sure! With possibly even more!”

“I'm not a psychologist, so I can't help you with your maternal angst.” Fumi said matter of factly. Her attempt at bluntness did not work however as Nagi continued to air out her grievances much to the scientist's displeasure.

“I don't think I'll be able to look at Raidou straight in the eye if I should ever return home. How will I tell everyone I've been pregnant more than I should ever care to count! Miss Kanno, you must understand, I haven't even held a boy's hand yet and I'm already a mother ten times over!”

“We all have our little problems, yes.”

“And did that blasted archangel have to make these babies so prodigious? It is bad enough to look and feel like I am some sort of whale stranded on land, but it's so mortifying every time I hear the midwives or nurses exclaim just how large and healthy they are when they are born, like if I am supposed to feel pride and accomplishment at hearing that someone of my stature and frame can somehow birth such monumental offspring all by herself.”

“Oh, that has nothing to do with the angel.” Fumi suddenly interjected.

“Eh?” said a confused Nagi.

“You need to pay attention to what I say the first time. I said these big babies of yours has nothing to with your archangel friend.” Fumi repeated.

“I-I'm afraid I am having trouble understanding what you are saying.” Nagi said, already feeling like she was about to regret what she was about to hear.

Fumi, rolling her eyes, proceeded with her explanation. “The only things that are affecting you are the ability to become spontaneously fertile from certain triggers that contain similar energy wavelengths. Goddesses, pixies, ghosts, leylines, whatever. But all it does is make you pregnant. A lot. Your offspring don't contain any of this energy whatsoever. All the data clearly states that you are carrying normal, if very very large babies.”

“You don't mean-”

“Mhmm. That means even if you lived your ordinary boring life that whatever ordinary boring boy you would have held hands with and made dumb lovey dovey eyes with would still have resulted in a baby that would break a record or two. I don't know if that archangel knew this ahead of time, but if he didn't he sure was lucky when he chose you.”

“Unnnghhh...” Nagi groaned, covering her face with her hands.

“I don't see why you are upset about this. It is quite the medical miracle to find a person who is naturally able to give birth to thirteen plus pound babies consistently, especially from your time period. You said you were an orphan right? Maybe being in close contact with demons might have affected you somehow. I'll need to run some blood samples. You won't mind if I take some sonograms while you eat? I want to see if an enriched fatty diet on someone from the past is what is causing this, to rule out any possible margins of errors. One sec, let me call the kitchen staff to see if we can deep fry some hamburgers.”

“Um, hello. I'm not interrupting anything important am I?” came a voice by the door.

“Very. Please leave, this is very important research I am conducting.” Fumi said as she rocked back and forth on her creaking seat, trying to inch herself close to Nagi's belly in order to plaster an overflowing handful of sonogram gel on her.

“No, it is alright! Please, come in Miss Sako!” Nagi almost pleaded, waving the serious looking woman with short blue gray hair and eyes over. Even from the edge of her vision obscuring belly in front of her, Nagi could see that the high ranking JP's personnel was similarly effected by the pregnancy curse much like Fumi was, the woman's vast pregnant swell making it hard for to walk past the doorframe, wobbling heavily from side to side with each careful step she took.

“Oof. Still getting used to this.” Makoto Sako said, placing her hands on the small of her back as she tried to massage the fatigue that was pulling against her center of gravity.

“Well, since you deemed it so important to interrupt my work, what exactly is it that brought you here, despite my orders to maintain bed rest?” Fumi plainly questioned.

“Yes, well, it's about the Chief, she says she might have a plan.” Matoko said, referring to JP's current chief of operations, Miyako Hotsuin.

“Oh, is that so. I thought I had ordered her on bed rest as well. She's even bigger than you, Makoto.” Fumi said, raising an eyebrow.

“You know her, even if she has to waddle around, she is still gong to bark orders, pregnant or not.” Makoto grinned.

Nagi couldn't help but smile as well. Makoto Sako reminded her of comrades like Isabeau she had met in the past. That sort of person who, while intensely loyal to their faction, was still able to be very empathetic to people in need, even to go so far as to disobey orders if it meant helping others. Nagi found herself drawn to those sort of people, hoping she could aspire to be just as selfless and capable as they were herself.”

“So, this plan of hers. I'm correct in assuming it involves our little round friend here?” Fumi asked.

“That's correct.” Matoko responded. “The Chief thinks we can use the Akashic Record.”

“Akashic...Record?” Nagi repeated, puzzled.

“This is definitely going to fly over her head, Matoko.” Fumi said, referring to the already confused looking Nagi.

“I'll try my best to make it understandable Ms. Nagi. The Akashic Record is like the universe's aggregation for data. Er, well maybe that isn't the right words to use here.” Makoto corrected herself as she saw Nagi become puzzled over the terms. “Like a library filled with books containing, well, everything. Everything that ever was, is, and will be. For both this timeline and others.”

“That sounds somewhat similar to the Akarana Corridor.” Nagi replied, bringing up the method of travel she had been using to jump dimensions.

“Yes, you did mention that before.” Fumi said as she clicked through her laptop. “I wouldn't be very surprised if the Akashic Record is what is helps you time travelers to jump through various timelines. The corridor after all is basically an airplane and the Akashic Record is the map to your destination.”

“It sounds like something that could easily be used for misuse.” Makoto said, as she subconsciously placed her hands on her belly protectively.

“It's very dangerous to use.” Nagi said. “You can easily become lost in the Corridor forever as a spirit if you aren't careful. That's why access to it is highly restricted, to make sure to protect the preserved histories, otherwise-”

“Otherwise a foolish girl like yourself might decide to take it for a joyride and end up leaving behind her own little bit of history across the millennia.” Fumi slyly said, to which Nagi quietly nodded in shame. “But back to more important matters. I see that Miyako has already guessed what I have been theorizing the moment our time traveler arrived, and the data I've gathered only reaffirms it.”

“I don't even fully understand the dire situation you have found yourselves in, so I do not know how much help I can be, especially in this state.” Nagi said, referring to her colossal pregnant form keeping her pinned to the bed.

“Don't strain your twentieth century head over it.” Fumi said. “Besides it's not you that needs to do anything, but that blimp attached to you. Or rather, the massive leyline energy that it contains. I did wonder why Io out of all of us got hit with the worst of the pregnancies.”

“Poor girl won't be seeing the ground for a while now.” Makoto lamented, referring the unfortunate member of their team who at best could be described as more belly than girl, stuck atop a baby filled middle in a JP's hanger, pregnant and immobile for the the foreseeable future.

“Yes, very heartbreaking. That's not why I brought her up. It's the fact that Nagi was able to tap into Io's previous role as avatar for the Dragon Stream, despite the Io of this timeline never having experienced that. The potential energy there is massive enough to mess with time and space.”

“But it's not something I can control at will!” Nagi almost shouted.

“It's not something we expect you to control. Miyako isn't dumb.” said Fumi, giving Nagi a condescending tap on the head with her finger. “It's no use having a pilot that doesn't know how to fly the plane. Instead your going to be the explosive we attach to the plane.”

“W-What?!” Nagi said, flabbergasted.

“Well I am being a bit dramatic. All we are planning to do is get you to the right location, induce labor in you, and the resulting birth will unleash energy so massive it will not only stop The Void but also serve as your launching point to wherever you are going to go next. Best of all this plan doesn't even need an Administrator for it to work.”

“That does not sound any better!” Nagi gasped.

“Stop yelling. It's giving me a headache. We aren't going to use whatever backwards medicine your used to. You won't even feel a thing. Just pop out those babies and next thing you'll know you will be back to your normal slim self again. Temporarily anyway, I'm sure.” Fumi said as she waved over several JP staff members by the door who were ferrying carts full of greasy looking food that most likely had been fried in oil.

“You make it sound like birthing this many children is a simple task.” Nagi said, scrunching her nose at the pungent smell of all that food.

“I wouldn't know, but like I said you have the most experience with it.” Fumi said, taking a handful of fries that were on a plate and shoving them into her mouth.

“I best be off to inform Chief Hotsuin then, that way we can set this plan in motion as quickly as possible.” Makoto said, trying her best not to drool over all the food in front of her.

“Not too quickly. I still need to do some other research with Nagi here.” Fumi said, a concerning smile on her lips. “Now open up wide please. I need to see what the effects of a ramen burger will do to your metabolism.”

Unable to protest against being a guinea pig to these bizarre experimentations, Nagi found some silver lining in that she was finally able to eat, albeit a heavily grease laden, lunch at last.

I just hope this mad scientist is able to send me home. I don't think my pride, or my stomach, can handle these sorts of things for much longer.


Another entry to the Nagi series. Been in a bit of a funk trying to write stories for each of these pics. Going forward I will probably just write them from the beginning instead normally, then commission whatever pictures I can along the way. Otherwise it feels like trying to fit together a jumbled puzzle.
Anyway, hope you all enjoy this, as it was pretty fun writing Fumi's character.

Special thanks to  Draconatedz for proofreading this!

Picture drawn by the talented !

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Posted by ABanditFromSTALKER 2 years ago Report

I swear, there's not enough Devil Survivor 2 stuff on this site. It's my favorite game of all time

I'd love to see stuff of Yamato and Anguished One


Posted by SouthShoreKisame 2 years ago Report

I used to commission art of Fumi Kanno. I am very good at reading emotion. She typically looks tired and exhausted yet works better with Otome. She's aloof on the outside but on the inside she values merit and family. I like both of them because they are excellent mages. I leave hard hitting to Keita and Jungo.