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Mysterious Tummyache By kaijinx -- Report

Some hooligan shrunk themseles and snuck into this poor girl's belly! As the shrinking wears off, she gets more and more confused, and more and more uncomfortable...

Hey, I'm Kai! I've been browsing this website for years now, but this is my first time posting.

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Posted by Peptidase 1 year ago Report

I love this kind of stuff, and this is so well done! I hope we see more of you in the future!


Posted by kaijinx 1 year ago Report

Thank you! :D


Posted by saitofang 1 year ago Report

Welcome Kai. I hope we can see more of your art in the future. It's lovely.


Posted by kaijinx 1 year ago Report

Thank you, this is very sweet!

Willing bystander

Posted by Willing bystander 1 year ago Report

Love it! Unshrinking inside a poor, unprepared pred is one of my faves, can't wait to see more from you X)


Posted by kaijinx 1 year ago Report

Thank you so much! Unshrinking is one of my fav concepts too, hehe!


Posted by FlyingTMan 1 year ago Report

MMMM~! I love unshrinking! Thank you for sharing this with us! This is very good!


Posted by kaijinx 1 year ago Report

Thank you! :D


Posted by Indighost 1 year ago Report

I LOVE tummyaches! Please make more! and thank you so much for this one! :)


Posted by kaijinx 1 year ago Report

Tummyaches are some of my fav things! You'll see more for sure! (At some point haha! I'm kind of a sporadic worker)


Posted by DoctorDischord 1 year ago Report

Gosh, this is one of my favorite concepts...or a combination of concepts I like a lot at least. Unwilling pred, and growing prey, and the desperate tummyache at the end...sooo good.

Glad to have you here!


Posted by kaijinx 1 year ago Report

Thank you! And yesss this is like a self indulgent mashup of my favorite things too, glad to see someone else with ~fine taste~ lmao


Posted by garfoka 1 year ago Report

I really love it, hope to see more of this kind from you.


Posted by gva274 1 year ago Report

Nice art! Good to have you here, I hope your time is an enjoyable one.


Posted by AriStarlightSin 1 year ago Report

Woah this is super awesome!! Can't wait to see more, welcome to the site! :3


Posted by whatisthissheet 1 year ago Report

Wellcome! This is great, really love her expressions and poses, especially the bottom one!


Posted by VeryBatty 1 year ago Report

VERY cute stuff!


Posted by TheRealProtoman 1 year ago Report

Super hot scenario. Great first post!


Posted by Doreedo 1 year ago Report

It’s been said by others on this page, but unshrinking/stomach ache is my favorite kind of vore.
It’s criminally underused on this site.

Thanks for making such a great piece!


Posted by UnknownGuy404 1 year ago Report

Hey, nice piece of art =w=


Posted by SherlokKiril 1 year ago Report

Really fun idea. I like how she starts sweating because of prey getting bigger. Good work on her expressions !


Posted by Turbotowns 1 year ago Report

GodDAMN, this site needs more of this stuff!


Posted by Cogbrown 1 year ago Report

unaware/stomach-ache/unshrinking three of the best methods utilized in vore all mashed together. Absolutely fantastic! Hope to see more from you.


Posted by NyaatoShiroi 1 year ago Report

My favourite dynamic of pred/prey, yay!