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Spinosaurus's Sphere By VividLucidity -- Report

There's nothing like seeing nature up close and personal, is there? And with EnviroSphere, you can roll right up to the nature, right up to the action, with armored glass keeping you in safe, air conditioned comfort. Safe from what, you ask? Gigantic dinosaurs of course, at a scale never thought possible. For the world you and I know isn't the only one out there. And for Julia, a biologist, she's overjoyed at the chance to explore these other worlds and the creatures within. But she had no idea just how deep and indepth of a tour she would get, all from the comfort of her sphere...


This is a piece I've been working on for ages, which I've finally decided to get out. Essentially, I wanted to write vore with one of those sphere things from Jurassic World. Please note this isn't a Jurassic World smutfic; I didn't want to write Rule 34 for that anyway. So, I just used a knock-off~
Also, thanks to a few of my friends for looking over it and giving some useful advice. I might end up putting their names here too.

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Posted by Brenden1k 1 year ago Report

Reminds me of pryophile work, just awesome so long and yet filled with action, such atmosphere..


Posted by VividLucidity 1 year ago Report

Why thank you, I was unaware of that person. And honestly, I didn't think of this being an action filled tale, I was worried it would be boring in fact! But I won't deny the atmosphere of it, and thank you for liking it so.


Posted by Brenden1k 1 year ago Report

Do not worry it not,
I looked up and they are called Just pryo on aryion.
Here is the work with the most similarity


Posted by UnknownEnforcer 1 year ago Report

Loved it!

Didn't know I needed to read this type of thing until now.


Posted by VividLucidity 1 year ago Report

That means a lot to me, thank you!