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Sweet Little Red By DrakentheBlack -- Report

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Once upon a time…
More like that time of the month again, when Red was told to go to the woods and collect some of her grandmother’s pastries. She honestly never liked this task. Perhaps back when she was a stupid little girl who didn’t know any better, but as a young adult, the red-head was fully aware and displeased with the whole situation. Travelling through a dark, predator infested forest, to visit a crazy old lady, all to bring back a basketful of cinnamon rolls that would be gone within an hour of opening the shop.

She should have been happy to see her grandma, but she wasn’t. Her grandmother was slow, feeble, and so senile she often forgot what her granddaughter looked like without her red riding-cloak on.

The girl trotted through the forest, finding the ceaseless buzzing of bees and chirping of birds irritating. It was hot out, and she was sweating. All around, this little journey was far from what she would call enjoyable.

She was barely half-way to her grandmother’s house, and deep in the woods where she would surely be lost if she didn’t make this trip on such a regular basis. Today was different though, as she had been spotted by a predator. This predator’s attention had been caught by the noise of stomping footsteps, and was drawn by the radiant scent of one who had been baking in the sun. The predator parted some bushes, and found the source of the commotion, at which point her mouth watered and her heart fluttered with hunger and lust. This human girl walking through the forest was unarmed, and looked so lovely, and so the predator made herself known.

“Hello.” Someone said, catching Red’s attention. The human turned in the direction of the greeting, and found a tall, muscular woman walking in her direction. “Who are you?” Red asked, and when she realized the woman was bare naked, she added, “And where are your clothes?”

“Why would I need any clothes?” The strange woman asked, her long, pointed ears twitching. She spun around so Red could see her fluffy grey tail as she informed, “I am a wolf afterall. You can call me Maia.”

“You’re a wolf? And what kind of dumb name is Maia?” Red asked with disbelief, expecting the animals to look like large dogs rather than some pervert’s fetish dream.

The wolf was clearly insulted, and she asked, “Well if my name is so bad, I don’t suppose you’ll tell me yours?”

“It’s Red. Now if you’ll excuse me ‘wolf’, I have better things to do than waste time talking to you.”

“So rude.” Maia scolded, “I’m trying to be civil, the least you could do is return the favor.”

“I already said I have better things to do!”

“Like what?”

“Like visiting my grandma. If you actually lived in these woods you’d know about her.”

“Grandma? Do you mean the human who lives in the nice-smelling cabin?”

“No, I mean the mouse hiding in a shit-filled hole!” Red griped sarcastically, trying to get away from the pursuing nudist, “Jeez, I don’t know if you’re a wolf, but you sure are as dumb as a dog.”

Having had enough of being insulted, Maia dashed forward, caught Red by the shoulder, spun her and pinned her back against a tree.

From her newfound position, Red found the wolf-girl was head and shoulders taller than she was, leaving her eye level with the large bust that put her own cleavage to shame. Averting her gaze, she looked up to Maia’s golden eyes, and saw long, white fangs as the wolf smiled and growled, “I tried to be nice, but since you insist on treating me like an animal, I guess I’ll be an animal.”

Maia pushed her naked body against the struggling girl, who was demanding that she stop and let her go. It was far too late for that; the wolf-girl had appetites that this human’s flesh was perfect for satisfying, and she was not about to let her prey get away. If Red had been a good girl, Maia might have been gentle with her, but since she insisted on being such a bitch, the wolf would dominate her as such.

Red was pulled closer to Maia, and dog breath washed over her as the wolf-girl opened her mouth and gave her cheek a long lick. Sweat was replaced with thick saliva, but the trade was far from welcome. Even worse was the feeling of clawed fingers slipping under her shirt and skirt to grope her breasts and rear. Red tried to pull away or push the wolf-girl off of her, but she could not outmuscle this much stronger woman.

The strong, but delicate actions of the wolf managed to slip off Red’s cloak and top, followed quickly by her skirt slipping down her legs, thus exposing her scrawny, pale body to the air. The girl was finally pulled off the tree, and spun around so that her back was against Maia’s belly. The wolf-girl wrapped one arm around her breasts, and the other went to her crotch, where fingers played with her tight pussy.

Maia’s tail wagged as she gave Red another lick, and informed, “Your skin is so soft and yummy. And I see you are a virgin…” A pair of her fingers suddenly jammed into her pussy sharply, getting Red to cry out as her hymen popped, “…but not anymore.”

“Why are you doing this?” Red cried.

“Because I’m hungry. Can’t you tell?” Maia pressed Red’s head against her belly, where the girl could hear gurgling within.

Tears began to stream from the red-head’s eyes as she pleaded, “My grandma makes pastries, delicious treats! If you let me go, I’ll have her feed you some.”

“Tempting offer, but the last time a human promised something like that, he led me straight to an ax-wielding mad-man. And to think, I was going to let that lucky boy have sex with me before I ate him.”

Maia dropped red, and the girl fell on her butt before resting on her back. The wolf-girl planted her feet on either side of Red’s head, and then smiled as she crouched down and sat on the human’s face, her crotch covering the girl’s mouth and nose.

As Red got a mouth full of pussy, she screamed, and struggled to breath as what little air that was available was filled with the wolf’s tangy fluids. She tried to push against Maia’s hips, but she couldn’t get the wolf-girl to budge. All she could do was kick helplessly as she continued to scream and inhale putrid air.

Maia got her hands on each of Red’s ankles, and pulled off the girl’s shoes and stocking to render her meat completely naked. She then held the legs together, and opened her mouth wide to stuff both feet inside her mouth, and the girl’s sweet honey flavor washed all over her tongue. She worked to expand her jaws as she crammed the girl’s legs into her mouth, and could feel Red’s wiggling feet widening her throat.

Red was pulled free of the pussy, her face coated with feminine cream, but she was not any happier about where her next destination was. She tried to punch, but her wrists were caught in Maia’s grasp, and the wolf-girl stuffed each of her hands into her mouth, cheeks holding them firmly against her hips.

She could not believe that she was being swallowed whole and alive, but by the mucus lined walls that gripped her legs tightly, and the invasive tongue that probed her crotch and belly, there was no denying the situation she was in.

Red screamed for help, but no one but the wolf heard her. Sharp teeth chewed on her breasts, compressing her chest enough for her to sink shoulder deep into the mouth. Finally, a merciless hand set down on her head, and gave her a firm shove to push her fully into Maia’s mouth. She watched the outside world disappear as jaws closed in front of her, and then she felt intense pressure as she was swallowed repeatedly. By the time the swallowing had concluded, she was curled up in Maia’s stomach.

Maia burped, and pat her bloated belly with satisfaction. “Delicious!” She chimed as she licked her lips. As she watched her belly bounce, and saw hand and face prints distending it, she smiled a bit cruelly. Disrespectful bitches like this deserved to be eaten, and they should consider themselves lucky to become food for such a beautiful wolf.

Red Felt quite differently about the matter. The stomach was far too tight. It was humid, and stank horribly. The soft, squishy walls that surrounded her on all sides squeezed her even tighter, and scrubbed against her like a sponge. But rather than soapy water, she was being washed by acid. She screamed and begged to be let out, but she was not going to be released any time soon; not from the way she came in, and not in the same appearance.

She was nothing but a naked lump of female-shaped meat, meant to sate the wolf’s hunger. And she did that perfectly.

The next day…

Maia yawned as she woke from her pleasant sleep. Her belly was still rounded, even after Red had been completely digested. She went behind a bush to drop a pile of stinky bones from her system, and once that had concluded, she looked much like her usual muscular self.

Of course, with one meal finished, this led to the issue of when and where to find the next one? Red had mentioned her grandmother lived in these woods, and so she decided she would pay the old woman a visit.

She tried to put on Red’s old clothes, but she was so much bigger and bustier than the girl that the only thing that did not rip off was her riding cloak. Deciding that would be enough, she went to the good-smelling cabin, and knocked on the door. “Hello? Grandma? It’s me, Red.” She hoped the old lady would fall for the rouse, but she doubted anyone could be so foolish.

The old woman answered, and seeing the red hood, announced, “Red, it’s so good to see you again! My you’ve grown so big!” The grandma hugged the nearly-naked wolf, quite to Maia’s surprise, but if the disguise worked so far, she was interested to see just how far she could take it.

She was invited inside, and was told there were pastries cooked and ready to eat. She could help herself to as many as she wanted and stay for as long as she pleased. Maia did just that.

The grandmother did sometimes question her granddaughter’s much larger size, her pointed ears, her golden eyes, and her sharp teeth, but whatever excuse ‘Red’ came up with was enough to satisfy her. Maia frequently visited the old lady, and whenever she did, she was showered with treats and love.

The wolf lived happily ever after!

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Posted by Nalzindar 1 year ago Report

Haha, this was a funny twist to the age old tale XD
At least two people got something good out of this and I am sure the old woman found her "granddaughter's" sudden change of behavior to be for the better! ; )


Posted by DrakentheBlack 1 year ago Report

Thanks! I do enjoy these types of spins on Little Red Riding Hood!
And you're right, I'm sure the grandma will be a lot happier getting visits from a friendly wolf rather than a bratty teen.


Posted by TheDarkTraveler 1 year ago Report

nice to see that the grandmoter finaly got someone who apprecetes good cooking


Posted by DrakentheBlack 1 year ago Report

Everybody likes getting appreciated for their craft ^^