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Anni and Bubbi By kaijinx -- Report

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A couple of oc ideas I've had floating around for a while!

Anni is a sea anemone. She's very motherly towards all clownfish, and is happy to house them inside her to keep them safe from danger.

Bubbi is a clownfish, but he's very anxious and sometimes hops into Anni without warning.

(Note - Bubbi is 18+! Clownfish are very small)

I might do more humanized sea creatures, who knows!

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Posted by TheLazyWizard 1 year ago Report

Gee, Anni is so cute! :D


Posted by AngelSony 1 year ago Report

Bubbi is so cute~~ Anni is a lucky girl~


Posted by FlyingTMan 1 year ago Report

Very cute!

Does Anni feed on other fish though? (IRL anemones are predators) It could be pretty messy if Bubbi hopped in while she was busy digesting a meal.


Posted by kaijinx 1 year ago Report

Thanks! It's entirely possible haha. I'm no marine biologist, all my knowledge of sea anemones and clownfish come from Finding Nemo lmao


Posted by UnknownGuy404 1 year ago Report

well, that's a pretty peculiar idea, but very interesting òwo


Posted by whatisthissheet 1 year ago Report

Great size difference, this is very cute! Anni's clothing is great.


Posted by Extermina 1 year ago Report

Cute! More humanized sea creatures would be cool!


Posted by glorp 1 year ago Report

Oh this is so cute! I love this dynamic.


Posted by GloriatheDevourer 1 year ago Report

Awn this two are so cute! X3
Oh and yeah more sea creatures! Yai!!
Loving your work~


Posted by POPObro 1 year ago Report

a bizar but adorable concept well done


Posted by mrcool 1 year ago Report



Posted by Bright 1 year ago Report

This is a very cute scenario.


Posted by Gorgrath177 1 year ago Report

Any chance of a NEET sea cucumber with a harem that lives in her ass?


Posted by kaijinx 1 year ago Report

LMAO that's an interesting idea! I'll definitely keep it in mind haha


Posted by threk 1 year ago Report

An anthropomorphic sea anenome... Well damn, I think that's a first for seeing that. Points for these two being so cute, and bonus points for imagination!


Posted by Ebur64 1 year ago Report

I utterly love this concept and both look so cute together, I wish them the best in any future scenarios they find themselves in.


Posted by Undernom 1 year ago Report

Oh this is precious!!


Posted by SherlokKiril 1 year ago Report

This idea is genius ! I would never thought of sea anermone and clownfish relationship as protective pred+prey. She even feels like a mother in this and I love it ! Hope you will do more with them and make even more sweet characters. It's so cute !


Posted by Pangeaz 1 year ago Report

I loved the concept!!


Posted by TheKawaiiCommie 1 year ago Report

This concept is adorable. =)


Posted by nope01 6 months ago Report

Did you ever do more of these two?


Posted by kaijinx 6 months ago Report

I've always meant to... but haven't gotten around to it yet lol, oops


Posted by nope01 6 months ago Report

Take your time, its your choice to do it