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Been getting alot of pm's lately so figured i'd just put this post on top of my folder stack. Any requests for a thing, please put in my blog post here not to my pm :P. I can speed read thru all those when I feel like drawing, but pms I have to click EACH AND EVERYONE to find something so your request will never get done cause I don't make a notepad of those :P.

Keep in mind this doesn't mean its guaranteed to be done! I don't take commissions anymore cause... lets just say pushy people turned me off of it :/. I like hearing requests, less being told I have to do their stuff :/. I try to keep in mind what people ask for, and often times do stuff based off feedback i get. But being told "do this" pretty much results in me going "no."

Try and keep in mind as well I have a threshold on what I draw. I don't do extreme pain, rarely do gore in terms of organs, blood and so on, so if you leave a request for people crying, screaming in pain, melting flesh and so on. just no T_T (AND I HATE READING THEM). I got a gallery full of examples of can and will :P try and use that for reference please. Asking for something cause "i never do that" will result in a reply of "yeah cause I don't want to do that."

(This post is a bit testy cause yeah, i have gotten ALOT OF PMS for high end guro or "you will do these" in just a few short weeks... immediately after i made that blog thread. So its like cue charlie brown auuuuugh!"

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Posted by FireRed2 1 year ago Report

I like to request a pic thats ok


Posted by Chaotiquos 1 year ago Report

I didn't saw this request post XD

Well, I might have an idea : Min Min from the game Arms (Ramen gal basically) just got confirmed in Smash Bros. As much you probably don't care about this game, design wise she's the perfect "self-cooking" character (having both noodles arms and working in a restaurant) ^^


Posted by Yeschef21 1 year ago Report

I feel like totally spies does not get enough love


Posted by SweetAcornofOllie 1 year ago Report



Posted by Caidan 1 year ago Report

If you’re still taking requests, please let me know?


Posted by jimsugomi 1 year ago Report

blog post is an on going indefinite thing for me to pull from, just check the link for details.


Posted by jimsugomi 1 year ago Report

blog post is an on going indefinite thing for me to pull from, just check the link for details.


Posted by Kingcobra2000 1 year ago Report



Posted by Timinithis 1 year ago Report

I may have missed it, but I think I have gone through all the folders. Where can I find your “girl in amber” sketch? i try and save everything in case these sites go the way of other places you’ve posted. Danke.


Posted by dudeforjerktown12 6 months ago Report

I would like to reques a art.

Rouge tied up and being cook alive with apple in her mouth in a cauldron?


Posted by zeraio 5 months ago Report

That "boob o' lanterns" was really cool! Hope you do more stuff like that in the future, real change of pace from what you normally do and it rocked!