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A Wild Encounter By Aesir -- Report

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The voter pic for May, 2020! Bella comes across a Pokemon Ranger guiding some young Eevee kids through a cave and, unfortunately for them, she's quite hungry...

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Posted by Catvs 13 days ago Report

Oh no the poor Eevee kids!
But at the same time I hope she enjoys her meal~

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Posted by Hijii 13 days ago Report

Your level of detail is absolutely incredible. Seeing the slight outline of the Eevee kid's face in her stomach is amazing.

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Posted by kibroman 13 days ago Report

I like the drawing and the title fits him well

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Posted by MrSinister1990 13 days ago Report

Good thing I got this master-ball.

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Posted by whatisthissheet 13 days ago Report

Halfway down but fully inside, that's brilliant.

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Posted by anema_sesuna 12 days ago Report

I love seeing the eevee kids get nommed

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Posted by HMDVore 12 days ago Report

GPDDAMN really wish there was. more of this

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Posted by KasoTheArtist 12 days ago Report

*One Devourment later*
-^- shit...

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Posted by Rhaegaldragon 12 days ago Report

I do love your art~

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Posted by origamimaster4 12 days ago Report

I would love to see someone write a story on this

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Posted by Ekohime 11 days ago Report

It is not safe to go into the grass/caves/2feet without a Pokemon =D

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Posted by Lordpisces14 10 days ago Report

Those are some cute designs...

I feel quite conflicted

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Posted by Luckydragon 10 days ago Report

I know that my comment will be ignored by the editor, possibly due to its occupations and personal tasks, but I need to ask you

The 3 eevee girls and the ranger will be fine or will they be digested?

I'd be grateful to have the answer ...... thanks again if you take the time to answer my question

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Posted by Revx_Z 18 hours ago Report

Going by Aesir's comments on another poke-picture, they will probably be "fine" in the sense of white-out, wake up at PokeCenter missing ₽500.

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Posted by GassyBlossom31 9 days ago Report

That is a wild encounter. How she mercilessly looks when she eats her prey is absolutely beautiful

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Big D

Posted by Big D 8 days ago Report

Damn it, some people have all the fun..though, i'm not sure who i'd rather be: the ranger watching bella swallow the kids and hope she's got room for desert or the first of the kids going down the slide. Regardless, incredible art as always :)

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Posted by Adder4118 21 hours ago Report

This art is beautiful i wish i was an eevee kid

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