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"Gahhh...Darkness I'm never taking you to fight toads ever again" said Kazuma as he pulled the slimy Darkness out of the third toads stomach
 Darkness was blushing red with a pervy smile on her face and Kazuma turned to see Megumin half swallowed and Aqua's feet sticking out of another one. Kazuma grabbed his head and looked to the sky and shouted.
 The slimy crew walked into the mansion. Aqua and a horny Darkness followed Kazuma who had a depressed looking Megumin on his. Kazuma and Megumin bathe together with Aqua calling him a pedo neet but he ignores her and just had Megumin soak in the water. Aqua had to go last so Darkness got her thick self into the large bathtub and sat in it. Darkness always thought about a nude Kazuma coming to join her and hopefully command her to do naughty things again. The next day arrived and the whole group went to the guild house to find a new quest. Kazuma alone looked over the wall of paper as past experiences letting Aqua or Darkness doing it proved to be fatal for him. But then one caught his eye as it wasnt to hard with some good pay. It was for Wiz as well and he smiled and accepted it. Kazuma though didn't read the whole thing as it stated on the bottom 'Males Only, females never seen again'. Kazuma and the crew headed out to the forest and were a little spooked when they arrived. It was a misty spooky area that even gave Kazuma the shivers. But he bucked up and went straight through it. Kazuma and the others picked up the herbs and found some neat other things as if adventures left them. Megumin picked up a small pendant that was all slimy and put in a basket to clean later. Kazuma got lots of the herbs but something kept bugging him.
 "Wiz is so powerful and this quest is easy peasy so why didn't she come" whispered Kazuma to himself
 With four baskets of herbs and an extra full of loot the company started to leave with happy smiles. In the shadows though a creature was stalking its latest curvy prey and shot out its tongue only a centimeter but that's all it took. A horny shudder came throughout Darkness's body and she turned to look around but didn't understand why she felt it. Nothing was attacking them so why did she feel pervy? Kazuma gets the rewards for the crew and they have a good night of drinking and eating.
 "For this amazing reward that forest had no monster god I hope more of those exist" said Kazuma slamming a beer
 But little did he know the monster slithered through the trees waiting for it's meal to come back. For the monster has an ability with the flick of its tongue it can make its prey have a chill or even think someone is watching but in reality it tricks their minds into coming back soon after without letting anyone know. Those rare items the crew found were coughed up items the creature couldn't digest from its previous meals. As the crew sleeps the night away a pouting Darkness lays staring at the ceiling as she disappointed nothing appeared. So to satisfy herself she suits up in her armor and heads back to the forest to see if anything was truly there. She was in such a hurry that she didn't even bring her sword not like that would do anything of course. Darkness walked perfectly in the path they came back from and reached the forest. But something was off as the mist was gone leaving the forest clean and see through. Darkness thought nothing of it and walked right back to where they got the herbs and even a little more. But it was all a trap though as the mist returned and covered the path getting her lost. Darkness looks around and is confused but when she looks up into the trees she spots a pair of yellow eyes. Then comes the monster which was a giant green anaconda which confirmed Darkness's monster prediction but now what was she going to do. Darkness was practically frozen and just stood there as it slithered down to her feet and made its way up her body. It slowly wrapped her in its green coils tightly squeezing her. Every other prey this snake had struggled and screamed but Darkness was breathing heavily while blushing. The snake wrapped around Darkness enough and then brought her up the trees where its other half held it up. Darkness liked the heavy body squeezing her and when she looked up she saw a magnificent site. The snake opened its maw and it descended into Darkness. 
 "Yes eat me now please" said Darkness
 Its mouth slid over Darkness's blonde hair and its throat opened up as it swallowed her head. Darkness was soaking wet in her nether regions as the snake ate her whole. The snake ate her shoulders and made its way to her large bust. The snake unhinge its jaw some more and made it around her large breasts shoving them down its throat. Darkness flat belly made it's way into its maw and down its gullet and now only half of Darkness was left. The snake's mouth made its way around Darkness's curvy ass squishing it and swallowing. Her thick thighs easily were eaten as the snake finished up eating up her legs. Darkness's fee touched its mouth and the snake tilted its head back and down she went. The curvy bulge of Darkness slid through the snake making her way to the final destination. Inside the snake Darkness was breathing heavily muttering of her sexy demise as she slid through the tight pink tube. Her body was soaked in saliva and her black shirt she wears under her armor was soaking saliva. Darkness finally realized her armor was gone which would have protected her from digestion but that only made the situation better. Darkness finally stopped and arrived inside of the snake's stomach. The snake felt its belly get filled up as its prey hung out of the tree a bit. The curvy bulge slightly moved inside. Darkness could barely move but she could feel her pussy so it was time to masturbate till death. Darkness started to touch herself and rub her  nipples against the pink walls. The sounds of groaning filled her ears as the horny Darkness made herself comfortable in the pleasure sack. The snake stayed in its spot the whole night digesting its prey but it was still going to be awhile. Morning came and the snake was on the move slithering through the trees. Its belly was full so when girls walked by it ignored them. Darkness was perfectly fine still with the acid only covering her a little bit but it was slowly digesting her. 
 "I'm food for a snake and no ones coming to save me...god this is perfect" muttered Darkness 
 The snake carried its prey around as it looked throughout the forest stalking more girls to find its next prey when Darkness was gone. Truly that's all the snake really did other than sleep. The whole time Darkness felt better and better throughout each day as she digested. She touched herself non stop cumming several times a day. After about four days Darkness was feeling a bit woozy and was much softer. Acid was covering her body and it was slowly rising to drown her. The bulge was less defined then usual but you could still make out a girl in its stomach. It was too late for Darkness though as if someone saved her they would need some good magic to restore her. Another two days passed and Darkness finally passed out in the tight stomach as her body melted away. The curves of the bulge were so small now it would take most people a minute to actually notice the breast bulges. Darkness was all goopy and just digested girl meat now for the snake. The snake slithered through the trees but unlike the solid Darkness this time when it did its prey was mushed up even more so. As the tenth day of digestion came Darkness was no longer Darkness. She was only mush with only large bones still being melted away. The mushed up Darkness was processed for another few days and the rest of her bone melted away leaving nothing behind. The bulge went away after two weeks and there nothing left of Darkness. The snake spotted a cute girl walking around and immediately flicked its tongue to fill its belly again that night. 
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Another commission done for Blackheart55

Art by Necoil

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Posted by FeiFei 1 day ago Report

Uhmm...nice fic..tho needs more vore like past one =D