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Confronting Myself (1) By DegenerateException -- Report

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The frigid alpine winds sent chills down Madeline’s spine, as her eyes fluttered open from sleep. Magical walls, evil doppelgangers, and transforming telephones lingered on her mind as she stretched, even her dreams warped by the apparent mysticality of the mountain. The last words stayed on her mind, especially, “It’s time to give up and come home.” The statement, if anything, spurred on a sense of determination to climb the mountain, overcome her own evil self, and prove she could do it. As she groggily looked at the puffs of smoke rising from what remained of her fire, she could hear an all too familiar voice.

“You really aren’t planning on going back down, are you?” the mysterious voice echoed, as Madeline spun around, looking for the source as her heartbeat grew.
“Who said that?” Madeline muttered, slowly turning until a tinge of purple caught her eye, the rest too easy to figure out, the imaginary doppelganger, “Oh, it’s just you.”
“Just me?” Badeline muttered, her eyebrow raised alongside a sly smile as she circled the now calm Madeline, murmurs slipping from her lips as she eyed off her counterpart.
“Of course, you’re a part of me.” Madeline chuckled, stretching as she awoke, watching the snow flutter down through the air, “Just my imagination.”
“Imagination? Are you really that naïve?” Badeline queried, Madeline’s lack of interest in her all the answer she needed, as an insidious smile crept across her face, “let me show you just how real I am…”

Madeline wasn’t interested in responding, choosing to instead take the time to look at the old abandoned site, it’s structure almost identical to the labyrinth she just endured, yet, not. Madeline’s attention was ripped away from such, however, as she felt her puffy jacket be pulled away, her pants and boots not long after. Before Madeline could even turn around to see, the last garments across her body were snatched away, leaving her stark naked against the icy gusts, turning around to see the perpetrator. To Madeline’s confusion, where she had expected one, there were three, all entirely the same, herself with an eerie purple complexion, all as nude as herself.

“How? You’re just my imagination, right?” Madeline queried as she shivered, confused as she watched the three girls throw her clothing into the snow and giggle, the girl reaching for an answer, only one coming to mind, “Ah, this must just be another dream!”
“Sure, let’s go with that,” Badeline chuckled, motioning her clones towards the freezing Madeline, both quick to lift her off the ground, inserting the girl’s feet slightly within the purple apparition’s ass, Madeline slowly sinking in. “I’ll be the real one soon anyway…”

Madeline was almost dazed, as she found herself disappearing inches at a time, the heat an almost pleasant retreat from the frigid winds. Yet, as she found herself sinking in further, both clones pushing her deeper, one even exploring her body, Madeline couldn’t help but wonder, a confused expression across her face, this was surely a dream, right?

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