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Confronting Myself (2) By DegenerateException -- Report

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It was not a dream. Pleasant warmth had warped into unbearable heat, combined with a gripping, painful tightness gnawing at Madeline’s legs. If it were a dream, she would have long awoken. Yet, Madeline found herself continuing to disappear more profoundly into her own reflection’s bowels, fruitless struggling to escape only helping her journey continue faster. The situation escaped Madeline, questions running through her mind as she tried to escape, how did a part of her become real, how could she devour her, and why she wanted to consume her. Madeline couldn’t care all too much about the answers. Instead, she focused on not disappearing into the dank depths she found herself sinking into.

“Please, can’t we talk about this?!” Madeline exclaimed, wriggling and squirming with what force she could, yet the only response she garnered were snickers and chuckles, not even a word. Instead, Madeline felt her world spin, her view of the snowy ground replaced with the night sky. Panicked glances left and right, both clones no longer interested in her, rather the slowly expanding body of their creator. One poked and prodded at the ever-growing belly, Madeline able to feel each protrusion intimately in the tight innards. Madeline observed the other, merely stroking at the original’s ass, smiling as she watched Madeline slip ever deeper.
Looking to the other two, Madeline felt as if she had already lost, they had no interest in her at all, rather enjoying what was happening to her. Madeline wanted to scream and shout, struggle with no bars held, yet every movement seemed to only move her further inside the tight ass, now most of her body trapped, screams inaudible as her mouth slipped into the tight purple hole. For Madeline, the heat was unbearable now, desperate to feel the mountains cold embrace again, yet it wasn’t the worst. The tight constricting innards gripped and pressed against Madeline as if she was being crushed by a slightly off form-fitting boulder. Madeline’s resolve not only to climb the mountain, but just to survive started to wane, only her long mane of hair, eyes, and nose remained free, and even she knew it wouldn’t be long before those too, were claimed.
With one final pull, Madeline could feel herself disappear, a dimly lit world replaced with a dark tunnel, slowly pulling her along, eventually trapped deep within the woman’s stomach. She was entirely entrapped within her alter ego, and after a couple minutes of struggling, Madeline accepted the truth. There was nothing she could so. Madeline couldn’t help but chuckle. In her quest to escape her defeated attitude, Madeline had condemned herself to a final defeat. There was no coming back from, as fatigue took form within her, small half yawns escaping her lips. If this were a dream, at least she’d be warm, and if not, well, it wouldn’t matter much anyway. The woman’s eyes drifted drearily closed, a soft snore escaping Madeline’s lips, soon replaced with silence as her fate now sealed between cheeks.

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Posted by threk 10 days ago Report

"No bars held"
er, no holds barred?

Great story to go with an awesome sequence, it's great seeing the last of her head sinking in like that.


Posted by DegenerateException 9 days ago Report

Nice catch there, I didn't even notice the oddity of that phrase.

Glad you enjoyed my art, and TheVoreEngineer's story! Prey get pulled in is one of my favorite types of content.