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WA: The Dream-Eater (Part 2) By Cuddlekins -- Report

And here is Part 2!

Awaking in her mistress's dream, Ahura realizes she must find Anahita before the dream-eater does. What awaits her? Read and find out!

Minor note that there is a slight ?/F event in the story, but it is extremely brief and I didn't feel it need to be in the tags. If you guys disagree, I'll let you take care of that on your own o:

Once again, I'll try to have Part 3 ready within a week o:

A Witch's Apprentice Story
1.WA: The Salamander
2.WA: The Phoenix
3.WA: The Dream-Eater (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

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Posted by MetalSlime 11 days ago Report

The phrase means “Hold my hand.”


Posted by Cuddlekins 11 days ago Report

Wow, I dunno if I can allow such utter degeneracy to be uttered in my comments section! D:


Posted by SleepyIsland48 10 days ago Report

Watch your damn mouth


Posted by TuckingFypo 11 days ago Report

I always like the use of vore as transportation in stories. Its avreal ahame when it should be an obvious thing and the authors ignore it.

Also, giantess spelunking ftw.


Posted by Cuddlekins 11 days ago Report

yeh! thanks :D Seemed like a good fit for this sorta thing, lol


Posted by SleepyIsland48 8 days ago Report

Someone really ought to make this into an anime.

Or hentai, if we're being honest.


Posted by Cuddlekins 8 days ago Report

lol, that'll be the day...