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Ballet Witch Practicing By Cowrie -- Report

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Leila, a new character in a new setting of mine where real, magic-using witches are a known minority that have the ability and - within certain limits - the right, to eat people. Witches are an always-female species that relies on human males to reproduce. Due to constant crossing-out, many witches are “mixed race” - unusual combinations of traits like blonde hair and dark skin or Asian facial features and blue or green eyes are relatively common. In some bloodlines, features that would be rare in any human are prevalent, such as gold or violet eyes or (as seen on Leila herself) stark white hair from birth, but all known hair, eye and skin colors that occur naturally in witches can at least on occasion occur naturally in humans. The only externally visible physical feature that witches have that is absent in humans is the witch's mark, a dark birthmark in the shape of one of a variety of witchcraft-related symbols that is more or less an inch across and may be anywhere on the body. While not visible, they also have another physical trait that can be used to distinguish them; for her height, measurements and body fat, a witch is always much lighter than what would be expected of a human woman due to a bird-like system of air sacs and hollow bones that, rather than being denser than normal like bird bones, are reinforced with magic to keep up their durability. Because of their lightweight body, a witch can float on top of the surface of water much easier than a human, but has a great deal of difficulty submerging herself without using some form of weighted object to offset her natural buoyancy. Witches are born more-or-less human in capabilities; they aren’t able to actively do magic until around age 10, give or take two years, and from that point their magical ability and appetite both gradually increase until they are capable of eating people some time in their mid- to late teens.

There are some other sapient species/beings besides witches and humans in this setting, but they're all either incorporeal/extra-dimensional (ghosts, elementals, and other spirits) or corporeal but non-humanoid (familiars). Technically, there are also anomalous sapient humanoids that exist due to experimentation or encounters with wild magic, but those are usually unique individuals, and even when there's more than one member of such a "species", they are always exceedingly rare, and no such being has ever been able to form a stable breeding population - most creatures like that are sterile, and even those that aren't inevitably die out within a few generations.

Most witches have the same sorts of jobs as normal humans, or magical equivalents of such, like the producers of magic brooms or other enchanted items being considered just another sort of manufacturing job. Leila is a dancer in a professional ballet troupe. Aside from that, I can tell you that she has a long-term relationship with a human boyfriend who will be introduced later. Though he has no interest in being eaten, himself, he likes watching her eat other people, sometimes even feeding them to her.

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Posted by Dudeox05 1 year ago Report

I love your explanation on why witches float!


Posted by Cowrie 1 year ago Report

Thanks, I thought it was rather clever!


Posted by Dudeox05 1 year ago Report

Indeed it is. :)