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Mother Abatha, Full of Sin By gachabork -- Report

(ver without cross shading:
"U-um, Mother Abatha...? It's been about a year now... are you ever going to give birth?"
"Hm? Oh, my sweet child... you'll understand when you're older. Now, fetch me the oil, would you? It's your turn for rubbing today."
"Yes, Mother Abatha..."

Now with built-in text!

Abatha lived her life simply enough as the mother of a monastery, but found her life lacking. She gobbled down a strange alien egg accidentally and soon found herself swollen to tremendous sizes. Awakening a strange lust inside, she refused any help and instead carried the alien to full term inside her stomach... and then some. Now the poor lifeform is stuck inside, too big to crawl out of its host's throat or intestines, and begrudgingly coexists with this odd woman, who seems to enjoy the sensation of being pregnant.

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Posted by AustinDR 4 months ago Report

All my yes.


Posted by gachabork 4 months ago Report



Posted by Kerbalmaster 4 months ago Report

What would they like on their burger


Posted by gachabork 4 months ago Report


8th Demon

Posted by 8th Demon 4 months ago Report

Well it wouldn't be a proper religious order unless all the other members got the same initiation, now would it?


Posted by gachabork 4 months ago Report

alien party