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The Crystal Elf and the Orc By Cowrie -- Report

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A quick render showing a nude crystal elf woman with a belly full of an orc that attacked her. Crystal elves, so named for their almost completely transparent bodies, are an elven subrace I came up with for both D&D 5e and GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. I'm in the process of writing up the race for both those games, you can expect me to release stats for them some time in the next couple months. The only fully opaque parts of a crystal elf's body are her heart and eyes. Everything else is to some degree see-though, though bones are slightly more opaque than skin and flesh, and their hair typically has a rainbow iridescence to it. Though their visible skeleton and hard-to-discern features mean crystal elves can be unsettling to look at for many other races, they make excellent adventurers for two reasons; not only does their see-thru body make sneaking around almost effortless for them, all crystal elves also have a strange knack for seeing through illusions.

Though crystal elves are no more likely to be predatory than any other type of elf, those vore-capable individuals provide quite a show to onlookers when they partake in live meals. As their stomach is see-thru, the entire process of digesting their prey is clearly visible. In this case, the orc woman is already showing some minor burns due to the elf's digestive juices, which are clear to blend in to the rest of the elf's body.

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Posted by NyaatoShiroi 1 year ago Report

Interesing concept for elfs~


Posted by Cowrie 1 year ago Report

Well, they're supposed to be just one out of a number of elven subraces, but thanks!


Posted by NyaatoShiroi 1 year ago Report

Thanks for explaining!


Posted by Cowrie 1 year ago Report

No problem!