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Kitty Loves Fishy By DrakentheBlack -- Report

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I don't know how well RWBY was received; every review I've seen of it can be summarized as "So bad it's good." I love it though!

After watching a few seasons of the series, I wanted to make some fanart, particularly of Blake, because, an excuse to draw a cute cat-girl? Yes please!

I originally wanted to do a more serious piece, but I determined there was nothing I could draw that nobody else hadn't already done better, so after some consideration, I thought about her love of fish, and decided to go with this picture for her.

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Posted by Nalzindar 1 year ago Report

She looks really cute, got sexy cat ears and a softer look than how I usually see your characters. I still haven’t seen a single RWBY episode, but how can a series with catgirls, possible be bad!?


Posted by DrakentheBlack 1 year ago Report

Blake is really cute ^^
I recommend it, you can find full seasons of it on youtube right now if you wanted to watch it.

I mean, I'm sure it's possible for an anime with catgirls to be bad, although I've yet to see one where that was the case.


Posted by Hereforvore 1 year ago Report

I didn't watch RWBY, but when I discovered that one of the main four was a catgirl I just about went mad :3


Posted by DrakentheBlack 1 year ago Report

That's why I started watching it ^^


Posted by Donotlike13 1 year ago Report

I love RWBY too!
Music is good and the story is only a bit behind in quality
Your thoughts?


Posted by DrakentheBlack 1 year ago Report

Well I've made it six volumes into the series and I'm still loving it.

I love its 3D anime look, as well as how well choreographed and energetic the action scenes are; no two battles ever feel the same. I also greatly appreciate that it's in English!

There are times where they slow or stop the story to give character development, but unlike big anime, it feels necessary and not like they're cramming in a bunch of filler to get a thousand episodes out of a story that could have been told in fifty. I've found the story itself to be quite enjoyable, and even tugs at heartstrings; I have definitely cried watching this. It started out as such a casual, school for supernaturally gifted who fight monsters and crime lords story. It seemed like another teenage fantasy. But then some main characters get killed off, and suddenly it feels like there's a real risk, and gravity to the situation.

I like all four characters. Ruby is adorable, and I love all the one-liners they give her. Yang is all around badass! Weiss I was worried would be an annoying stuck up character for the whole series, but that thankfully wasn't the case, and she's really grown on me. And of course Blake is the reason I watched the show in the first place because, Cat-girl. It's funny, she wore a bow for the first three seasons before she took it off. She claims that's because she wanted people to judge her for who she was, but personally, I think it's because the animators didn't have the budget for her earspressions yet.