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It was a bright and beautiful morning on the family farm! My twin sister Courtney and I get up early before the rest of the family wake up. They’d probably disapprove, Mum would start crying and Dad would give a lecture on responsibility and the food chain or whatever. We sneaked out from our bedroom window, climbing onto a tree branch and slowly jumping down.
“I can’t believe we’re finally doing this Linds! Courtney whispers, barely keeping herself from giggling loudly.
“SHH! You’ll wake them up!” As if I whispered any better, trying to hold back my giggling.
We tiptoed away from the house before bolting off to the barn. We were barely half way there and Courtney was already stripping her shirt and bra off! What the hell! I strip my top and bra off also, leaving a trail of clothes for the family later! We were far enough away from the house to laugh and cheer loudly before we finally reached the barn door.
“Well! I guess this is it!” I say, a little out of breath already.
Out of nowhere, Courtney pulls my face in and kisses me. We kept going for a while, one last passionate kiss. Eventually she let me go and just smiled, staring into each other’s eyes. Courtney finally breaks the moment to whisper into my ear.
“Ready to be food?”
Just the mere mention of beíng food already has me feeling hot. We both begin to slowly take our trousers and boots off, not being afraid to get a little mud on our feet. We can’t help but look at each other’s bodies. Of course we’ve seen each other plenty of times over the years but now was different. We weren’t just full grown adults with slim bodies and lovely ass and breasts. We were now food! We both looked so delicious, we knew we’ll be a good treat.
Completely nude and ready, I open the door to the barn. Courtney immediately runs in and I’m left to chase after her. The barn was pretty big, we first had to go past the chickens then the cows.
“Sorry fellas! Maybe our little brother will feed one of you!” Courtney laughed, skipping a long until we finally reached…
The pigsty, home to our father’s prize pig Betty! This beast of a pig is the size of me, with patches of white and black fur on the pink leathery skin. Betty’s eyes already start looking at us, probably expecting to be fed as always. Behind, the little piglets follow like a cute swarm.
“Aww! Lindsay look!”
“I see them.”
“Let us not forget what a great thing we are doing helping to feed not only the mother pig but the little piglets!”
“Courts shut up, you saw some vore online and got horny!”
We couldn’t contain our excitement any more, already thinking how we will get the pig to eat us. I watched Betty stomp around, looking at her hanging stomach jump every step. While I’m mesmerised, something wet hits me on my back.
“Eww! What is that?” I ask, frozen from the gross feeling.
“Pig feed!”
I turn to look at courtney but am hit with another smelly handful of the pig feed.
“It feels gross!”
“Why do you care? Your food, dummy!” Courtney begins pressing her chest to mine, rubbing off some of the food on to her.
“So how we doing this?” I ask.
“I’m going to go first, you're going next!”
Before I could argue, Courtney jumped over the fence and walked over to the large pig. She let Betty approach her, sniffing the food rubbed on her body. Betty has known us all her life, we were just kids when we first got the little piglet. That didn’t seem to matter though, as Courtney is pushed down to the ground. A little dazed, she doesn't notice Betty rushing to her feet and gulping them up.
“Never were gentle haha!” Courtney jokes as she watches herself being eaten.
I jump over to get a closer look. The pig has already reached her knees! Courtney looks up to me, begging me to come close. I sit on my knees in the muddy puddle. She reaches up to kiss me, as my hand comes down to her pussy. Courtney is so wet, come to think about it I am too! This is so good! She moans as I rub her clit, the pig’s maw soon reaching up. Eventually her hand takes over as Betty starts coming up to her waist.
“Fuck! I can feel the stomach!” Courtney smiles.
“Your such good food Courts! I can’t wait to join you…”
Betty works her way up to Courtney’s breasts, opening wide to slowly take it all in before taking a huge swallow. All that’s left is Courtney’s head smiling, hair hair dragging behind her.
“Don’t keep me waiting!” Courtney winks, before finally being consumed by the pig.
I didn’t realise I was touching myself as I watched my own sister be eaten. Courtney went from a family member to just food. Her body bulging in the stomach, squirming a little. I couldn’t help but feel Betty’s stomach, pressing against Courtney. The faint moans inside as she masturbates, waiting for me.
“I’m coming Courts!”
I lay on the mud ground, head first to Betty’s mouth. I worried if she would be too full but Betty didn’t hesitate for a second meal. I watched her mouth open wide, her pinkish maw leading to darkness. I let her take me, her long wet tongue running down my face. She already pushes my entire head in and begins working on my shoulders. I feel the tight walls of her throat all around my head. The muscles dragging me in. My nipples rub against her teeth then tongue until I am waist deep. It’s so cramped and warm. The smell is a lot but I don’t mind. Food can’t complain! As Betty’s tongue begins running down my vagina, my head presses against an opening. The walls change around my head, they’re softer and sticky. I’m in the stomach! Courtney is beneath me, my head falling past hers, as I journey down the other end of the stomach to meet her vagina. My legs get sucked up like nothing, I soon move into a cradle position, both our legs wrapped around each other’s heads.
“We did it Linds! We’re food!” Courtney pants, the air so hot and smelly.
“Right where we belong!”
I can feel the warm puddle on my hands and feet. Our bodies squished together, we both can’t help but pleasure each other with our mouths.
“You taste so good… Guess you really were always food…” Courtney moaned.
The stomach begins bouncing, I can feel Betty trotting away probably to sleep us off. I keep licking my sister’s clit, feeling her tongue doing the same. I can feel it build up inside me.
“We’re both food… In a couple of hours… We will be digested into nothing… Nothing but shit and protein!” I tease Courtney.
It works, I can feel her squirm now. My body feels so sensitive in the stomach. We work faster on each other. I’m so close until…
Fuck! My entire body jerks in the tight space. She also orgasms, squirting in my face. We pant inside the pig’s belly, trying to regain our energy. I guess it doesn’t matter though. We hold each other closer, moving gently to caress each other.
Few hours pass, the family is probably already looking for us. Oh well, I guess it's too late now that the stomach begins oozing. I can feel the puddle rise a little, tingling on my arms and legs. The stomach walls begin moving slowly, getting ready to fully churn us away.
“I think this is it Linds!”
“Yeah, It stings a little.”
“It’s all down my back!”
“Just sit back, relax and let Betty use you up!”
The churning soon speeds up, my entire body being rubbed, massaged, pushed about. I can feel the stinging liquid run across my entire body. It hurts a little but I’m too overcome with the pleasure of being used as food! We both moan loudly, a mixture of pain and delight. I hold Courtney so tightly, as I feel her body become softer.
“Mmm I love you sis!” Courtney says, her body starting to melt away.
“I love you too!”
The process takes a while, bits of us fall apart, churned and mixed together. Eventually our whole bodies melt into a swirl of bones and hair. It’s all a little fuzzy after that, as I feel myself become one with Courtney. Hours later I feel myself being pushed through various organs and intestines, working my way until finally…
As an unceremonious end, I become nothing but a pile of shit. I guess I was a pretty big meal, as the pig struggles to push me out. Clumps at a time of bones and crap. This is what I wanted and what I always was meant to be! I’m glad I could share it with my sister, being the same pile together. All that nutrients and energy to feed a better beast! My Dad will get a real shock when he comes to clean us up. Shouldn’t have raised such food sluts!
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Lindsay and Courtney fulfil their dream of being food for the prize pig of the family farm!

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Posted by heromc 10 days ago Report

I have a soft spot for hungry pigs, so this was going to be great no-matter what, but having two gutsluts eagerly getting eaten was too much! I loved everything about this, especially the sisters dynamic with each other.


Posted by ValeriePrey 10 days ago Report

Thank you so much :3 This was a fun one to write, gotta love a pair of enthusiastic food!


Posted by corrbear 9 days ago Report

Very good story!


Posted by ValeriePrey 9 days ago Report

Thanks! Glad you like it :)


Posted by TheHumanPred 9 days ago Report

Now the brother should be food next !


Posted by ValeriePrey 9 days ago Report

Haha maybe! Who would he feed?


Posted by DarkKuroi 8 days ago Report



Posted by ValeriePrey 8 days ago Report

Thanks :)