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Divine Pudgement By DimentedChaos -- Report

Sariel decides to pay Reimu a visit many years after the events of Highly Responsive to Prayers. Reimu thinks it's a good idea to bully a tubby angel and ends up getting bullied back to an infinitely worse degree.


Whoaaa, a story featuring a PC-98 character?! Yep, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Though I'm honestly not too well-versed on the lore of PC98 touhou, a certain character from that generation holds a special place in my heart. Fun fact, it was because of Sariel and her boss music, "Now, Until the Moment You Die" that I discovered what the heck a 2hu even is! So you can consider this a tribute to the angel who got me into this hole oh-so many years ago. This is pretty much a super self-indulgent thing I've been wanting to write, since I also decided to focus a little more on another kink of mine, that being copious amounts of weight gain and fat preds. Love me some fatty 2hus.

Wasn't really planning on having this uploaded for Vore Day, but it just so happened to be a funny coincidence that I finished it in time. Other than that though, nothing else to say, really. Enjoy some fat angel action, and let me know what you think in the comments!

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Posted by Aqualite 3 months ago Report

Ah, yes! Sariel is one of my faves from the PC-98 Era. You did amazingly well as always.


Posted by DimentedChaos 3 months ago Report

Thanks! Good to see another fan of Sariel, she's definitely a good PC98 toohoo.


Posted by Pickyfanboy 3 months ago Report

She's one of my favorites from PC-98 as well, although not my number one favorite, that goes to Yumeko


Posted by StygianSkies 3 months ago Report

Damn, this reminded me how much I really love fat and kind of slobbish behavior. Chaining that kind of lack of self-control into human consumption is tops. I always particularly look forward to your work


Posted by DimentedChaos 3 months ago Report

It's some great stuff, yeah. I'm pretty fond of preds who have a lack of self-control, honestly. And thanks, it's good to hear people look forward to the stuff I write!


Posted by colemercer 3 months ago Report

Yooooh have past 84 years.jpg, ok no buut is good have another of your stories after a long time my friend, pc-98 is totally unknown for me but is a good story dimented.