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Anonymous AV Experience 8 By Andris -- Report

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A *third* wackjob hunts me down through Ekas portal and suffers for it. It's a good thing I like my readers...ugh.

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Posted by supersaiyango 8 months ago Report

Ooh i live this premise. Pretending this is actually happening irl


Posted by ohlordbob 7 months ago Report

Okay, I have no idea how I even found this story, duckduckgo normally never brings up Eka's Portal even when you search for the damn thing and yet when looking for ass play giantess content today, somehow the tag for Taborlin's POV of this story popped up, which lead me here.
Most 'Size Content' stories I read are very....let's say I'm happy when the writers know that if a different character is speaking, there is suppose to be a new paragraph.
Since my bar with fetish writing is so low, I very rarely am impressed with the writing of a story, the fetish content? suuure sometimes, the actual writing style and progression being enjoyable? Wtf hardly ever.
That being said, I literally logged back onto my Eka's account today, the one with 3000 messages because I never logged on, just to say: JESUS CHRIST MY DUDE THAT WAS REALLY WELL WRITTEN.
I will for sure be following you and reading into your past work of the same concept. This is the first time I've actually read a size story and had to stop and remind myself this was fiction, it was that well written and I BARELY EVER SAY THAT TO NORMAL NONE LEWD STORIES. I absolutely loved how you wrote the Giantess, she was realistic, classy with enough of a playful dom side that she was awesome to follow through her first person POV, another thing I rarely like. Even more so in size content because often the Preds are unrealistically cruel or sexual.
From one writer to another, I hope you write plenty more of whatever you wish, and find great success in it as well!
Now to disappear back into the void and forget I even have an account on here sometimes.
...And also to listen to Keyreel Raskolenko because now it's stuck in my head god damn it.


Posted by Andris 7 months ago Report

When I write these stories hoping for some sort of positive feedback, I rarely get it. So your post here feeds my writer soul, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. There will be more to come.


Posted by brent5333 4 months ago Report

I love your writing style and details. I unfortunately am a poor reviewer.

Out of curiousity will you be making another romance pov story like Mary and Troy. I think you are awesome.


Posted by Andris 4 months ago Report

Hmm. In addition to Mary and Troy? I'm trying to think of a premis. Ideas?


Posted by Hawkeye7 2 months ago Report

Great followup story - loving this series and the characters! :)