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BASHKA and the FOUR SISTERS (part 1) By BIGBIG -- Report



Happy to present you BASHKA and the FOUR SISTERS PART 1
The 26 pages are merged in to 10 pages for better file handling
138.21MB worth of comic... the largest yet. For that make sure you have a stable internet connection if you decide to grab a copy.

Otherwise if you need any help, contact me at the above given email address ([email protected])

If you have any questions go ahead and ask in the comment section.


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Posted by DragonqueenShyvana 1 year ago Report

finaly a new comic i am so hyped for it thanks man


Posted by GenderFluidDynamics 1 year ago Report

That was AMAZING! The action! The angles! The raw gluttony! The humor! I am left beyond ecstatic! Well done my dude.


Posted by BBBbrowser 1 year ago Report

Congrats on the release!!!


Posted by Wolfknight130 1 year ago Report

Buy it.

To all reading this comment, here's my review:
Buy it.


Posted by MrQuarantine 1 year ago Report

5 months of hard work finally finished. You deserve a well earned rest my friend.


Posted by ThatOneGuy75 1 year ago Report

On one hand, I'm happy that this comic's out, as it seems _very_ well done and quite detailed.

On the other hand...I'm sad that Part 2's been confirmed but BigBig can't work on it because, as stated, Bashka made him "am ded" ;c


Posted by ThatOneGuy75 1 year ago Report

Oh, also, out of mere curiosity, content-wise, might there by any more F/M type vore coming up in the future? (Be it in this comic or in general)


Posted by BIGBIG 1 year ago Report



Posted by ThatOneGuy75 1 year ago Report

Cool ^^ Also out of curiosity, might any sexual content happen in them too, with the F/M? In terms of the, for example, shall we say, "results" in 3rd page (nude version) of the "OGA-SAN !!!" comic?


Posted by BlueBlaze95 1 year ago Report

Love it!!! Can't wait to see where this goes X3


Posted by threk 1 year ago Report

At last, the time is nigh


Posted by UnknownAlias 1 year ago Report

This looks absolutely incredible! It’s been amazing to watch your growth and development as an artist over the years. I love seeing you showcase your best talents in a long form project like this. Hope this comic is successful, because I would personally love to see this become a really long running series, the world you created certainly seems rich enough to do it, for now though take a nice long rest, you’ve earned it.


Posted by Skeletop 1 year ago Report

Next time hire a proofreader lol


Posted by BIGBIG 1 year ago Report

I DID. I had it proofread by multiple people that is. easy to make mistakes on a 26 page long comic.
No idea how those big companies are able to keep their grammar checked...


Posted by LillyBells 1 year ago Report

you need a better proofreader then, fire whoever is your proofreader.


Posted by FattyPatty 1 year ago Report

There is a massive difference in language structure around the world.. Take it easy mate.. English hasnt been 'Kings English'for a very long time..


Posted by Leika 1 year ago Report

I think I offered before, but let me make the offer again: I'll happily proofread anything you send me, thoroughly, for free, in a timely manner. Send me a PM if you want my email address.

Also, I bought the comic and loved it, looking forward to the next part! (But please take a rest first, I can't imagine how much work went into this!)


Posted by Reiko 1 year ago Report

Glorious work as always :3
It was an auto-buy for me, but I recommend it to anyone! :3


Posted by FattyPatty 1 year ago Report

Me too, would still have bought it if it was $1000


Posted by TheLulzDK 1 year ago Report

That was a good read! Well worth the wait!
So looking forward to more!


Posted by SiHiUiLiSiEi 1 year ago Report

I knew that ravenous short stack wouldn't be able to reach this top-shelf content o3o


Posted by JCDenton 1 year ago Report

Where are 128 previous parts?!


Posted by BIGBIG 1 year ago Report

This is the -128 th...


Posted by DinSumIn 1 year ago Report

Wow, Absolutely Amazing Artistry, Presentation, and Marketing. Stellar Job Man!! :O :D


Posted by Demonking44 1 year ago Report

5 Months of hard work, worth it.



Posted by JCDenton 1 year ago Report

What happened to Devona? Why she was not digested?


Posted by BIGBIG 1 year ago Report

Amarys let her out. Thought that was obvious.


Posted by Beuuutifullllll 1 year ago Report

A round of applause ladies and gentlemen! ????????????????????????????????????


Posted by Slimeman64 1 year ago Report

Gotta' love being last billing despite the comic's name insists that you're first.


Posted by CMvoreroom 1 year ago Report

Well, I know what I'm getting.


Posted by vasp 1 year ago Report

Thanks for all the hard work, it was a great view! Can't wait to see if the first elf gets her lips around that other one (except I will, take care of yourself please)! But will she get the recognition her hard work deserves?


Posted by BIGBIG 1 year ago Report

only time will tell.


Posted by Zub 1 year ago Report

So full disclosure: I don't believe I have ever bought anyones comic for sale on here, If I did it's been YEARS ago and I can't recall.
That being said, this was worth it by far.
You had me with the cruel pred, unwilling and of course, unbirth tags; this wasn't just any ol unbirth either ; I would say the best I have seen you do with fatal/ absorbtion outcome.
Great work here, I admire and acknowledge the hours of hard work you put into this for this fetish community.
It deserves to be paid for and a fair price I think.


Posted by BIGBIG 1 year ago Report

who said it was fatal though? :D In any case. Appreciate the cheers :)
if talking about unbirth though
you might be interested in the Jill's mom series ...
and conspiracy tastes good


Posted by JMan96 1 year ago Report

Just got this, just finished reading it.

SO worth the money!

The effort put into this comic shows, with so many moments I had to got back to enjoy; leaving me salivating for Part 2.

Thank you so much for this, you've earned a long, deserved rest.


Posted by Leika 1 year ago Report

I'll pick it up once I get my next paycheck. You always do such great work, and even if I don't like the comic for some reason, you've shared enough amazing-quality free stuff that you deserve the support anyway!


Posted by malmalloy 1 year ago Report

Fantastic work. I love how you care about the quality of the art and how you improved through the years.

I remember you mentioned about spliting in parts 1 and 2. I imagine that part 2 is going to take like 5 months to be ready aswell, correct? And is it that your next comic?


Posted by BIGBIG 1 year ago Report

I will definitely take time off from this series for a bit. I'm planning to do a small comic for sale in between


Posted by JohnnyF102 1 year ago Report

I just bought it oh my goodness it’s so good can’t wait for part 2


Posted by JohnnyF102 1 year ago Report

So it’s just gonna be in 2 parts ??


Posted by BIGBIG 1 year ago Report

No... ? Bashka and the other characters also need attention...


Posted by TheDarkStar 1 year ago Report

This comic legitimately looks better than a lot of the ones Marvel's been publishing recently.


Posted by GassyBlossom31 1 year ago Report

Lol, ikr.


Posted by FitMe 1 year ago Report

Absolute insta-buy for me. Fantastic work. I will enjoy this for a long, long time.


Posted by Assimilation 1 year ago Report

Take a well-deserved rest, bogbug. We'll keep the koala off your back for the time.


Posted by eltnevs 1 year ago Report

Damn you didnt have to work so hard on the backgrounds but theyre super detailed and cool


Posted by FattyPatty 1 year ago Report

Amazing! <3


Posted by Ratzinger 1 year ago Report

When will you upload The Big Visitor?


Posted by BIGBIG 1 year ago Report

I demand a sacrifice
but to answer your question. It shall be uploaded when it's done...


Posted by mibankai1171 1 year ago Report

Very nice, I cant wait to see part 2 ^_^


Posted by xXxBadxApplexXx 1 year ago Report

Fuck I love the lighting


Posted by Johnzy 1 year ago Report

I've been waiting for this.


Posted by BIGBIG 1 year ago Report

It is now HERE


Posted by blank 1 year ago Report

i loved it, great work as always!


Posted by lXlNeMiSiSlXl 1 year ago Report

Ya got me.. Bit the bullet and bought it, the first piece of belly porn I've every put money on.. Mad respect for someone who can stick to something for 5 months.. My ass can't manage a week without getting burnt out.

+1. Sticking around for part 2~


Posted by TheYounger 1 year ago Report

Worth. Every. Penny.


Posted by Rhaegaldragon 1 year ago Report

So looking forward for Part 2 :3


Posted by HuskyWolf 10 months ago Report

I’m having trouble downloading the files. Is anyone else having this problem?


Posted by BIGBIG 10 months ago Report

I sent you a PM.