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Mona’s Enchanting Meal By alfonzoperson -- Report

There really isn’t much vore with Shovel Knight characters, which is a shame because there’s some great choices, like almost everyone in Plague Knight’s team. Mona is a great character so I drew her having eaten The Enchantress, which actually could fit into this game’s plot, sort of.

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Posted by Bright 3 days ago Report

Really love this character.


Posted by alfonzoperson 3 days ago Report

Same. Very underappreciated, unfortunately.


Posted by auburntheprey 3 days ago Report

Will there be a post vore pic?


Posted by alfonzoperson 3 days ago Report

I haven’t decided, but I do intend to make an internal version.


Posted by DeadStrategicCactus 3 days ago Report

I wouldn't say Shovel Knight has too many great choices for the fetish, but I'd be a liar if I said Mona wasn't a good choice for it. Also, nice touch throwing in the in-game portrait and text.


Posted by Abrud 3 days ago Report

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Posted by alfonzoperson 2 days ago Report

Thank you Demoman TF2. I would give you a bottle of scrumpy but I do not have one.


Posted by MelancholyClownD 3 days ago Report

She's got a cute design. awesome!