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Princess Emerald By DrakentheBlack -- Report

Princess Anne cowered in her carriage along with her servants. Fire filled the area, the majority of her guards burning in the inferno. The last of her protectors crawled toward her, his body broken from the fight. He did not reach them before a scaly tail came down upon on him and crushed his body.

Having dealt with the last of the guards, the monster crouched down to look at the princess. Anne had never seen a creature like this before; it had the legs, wings, and tail of a dragon, but the body of a human female. The princess had heard stories about such a beast, a dragon-girl people called Emerald. Emerald asked, “Now, young princess, are you ready to be more reasonable?”

The princess cowered, trying to hide behind her servants to escape the creature’s reptilian gaze. She said, “Go away foul creature! Do you hear me! Leave me alone or there will be consequences!” Emerald rolled her eyes, “I just want to know where a girl like me can get some food around here?”

The servants attempted to shield their princess from harm, but upon hearing these words, Anne had other ideas. “You want to eat somebody?”

“Well I didn’t say…”

“Here eat them!” The princess pushed her servants away from her and to the dragon-girl. Emerald cocked her head, and asked, “Do you think I want to eat people?” Anne replied, “You’re a dragon; of course you eat maidens! Well eat my servants! I’m a princess; I’m more important than they are!”

“I see… so you think your title makes your life more valuable than others? I guess if these girls are of no importance to you…” Emerald grabbed both servant girls in her hands, even as they begged for their princess to save them.

The dragon-girl stuffed one of the women into her mouth head-first. She hooked the girl’s cheap dress with her claw and ripped it off in a single fluid motion. From there she scarfed up the girl’s body and slurped in her legs.

As the first servant was gulped down, Emerald stripped the second servant of her clothes with a bit more precision and care. Once she had a naked girl in her talon, she slipped her prey into her mouth feet first. The servant continued to scream and beg as she was pushed past the soft lips and into the slimy mouth.

Anne shivered as she watched the shape of her servants pass down the dragon-girl’s gullet. Emerald slurped and licked her fingers, spat a shoe out from between her teeth, then looked down at the princess with a smile. The princess said, “There, I hope you’re satisfied.”

The pleased expression on the dragon-girl’s face changed to irritation. She stated, “As you said, I am a dragon who eats maidens. Though your servants were certainly yummy, they weren’t quite… maiden enough. Princess on the other hand…” She quickly extended her arm and snatched Anne from her carriage. The princess struggled in the strong grip, and exclaimed, “What are you doing! Let me go!”

Emerald brought the princess back to her current lair. Anne beat the knuckles of the dragon talon, and ordered, “Let me go dragon! I’m a princess; you have to obey me!”

“You are so annoying. Perhaps you forgot that I can literally eat you? I’d think you’d be trying to get on my good side.”

Anne bit her lip, understanding the dragon had a point. That was when a claw ripped up her dress, and even her high-heels were plucked from her feet. “What are you doing!?” the princess exclaimed. “I’m making you look more appropriate for the role of a servant.” Emerald answered.

“I’m not a servant! I’m a…”

“Yeah, about that…”

Emerald swiped Anne’s tiara and looped the sparkling ornament over one of her horns. “Looks like I’m the princess now.” The dragon-girl mocked. She laid back and set the princess on her belly, and told her, “That meal I had earlier hasn’t quite settled yet, so how about you give my tummy a rub to comfort me.” Anne hesitated, so Emerald further encouraged, “Or perhaps you’d rather join them?” That was enough to get the princess rubbing, and the dragon-girl relaxed as she felt delicate hands tend to her tummy, while desperate hands pushed against the interior of her stomach.

Anne felt humiliated. Not only was her beautiful body clad only in rags, but now she was forced to caress the dirty, stinky body of this half-dragon bitch. As she crawled along the smooth skin, she felt lumps occasionally pushing against her, and she could hear the muffled screams of her former servants as they were slowly digested alive.

Anne was taken by surprise when the dragon-girl rolled over, tossing her to the hard ground. Emerald laid on her belly, kicking her hind legs back and forth, and she set her tail down in front of the princess. At that point, the dragon ordered, “How about you give my tail a good scrubbing. Sticks always get caught between my scales and it’s rather uncomfortable.”

The princess reluctantly began to clean Emerald’s green scales, and angered to be treated like a lowly servant, she exclaimed, “You do realize someone will come to rescue me! My father is a powerful man; he’ll kill you for this, and I’ll enjoy seeing your ugly head mounted on the wall!”

At those words, Emerald began to chuckle, flashing her long sharp fangs. The dragon-girl informed, “Do you know how many princesses have declared those exact same words to me? Yes, I’m sure someone will come eventually, but gathering search parties and mercenaries brave enough to challenge a dragon with my reputation takes quite some time. It takes days, sometimes weeks before anyone finds me. And by that point, I direct them to a pile of scat they can dig their princess’s bones out of.”

Anne began to quiver with fear, so Emerald added, “That’s no reason you shouldn’t be a good little servant. Afterall, the longer you keep me entertained, the longer it will take for me to get hungry.”

The princess began to sob as her captor’s words sank in. Desperate to survive as long as possible, she resigned herself to doing whatever it took to please her new mistress…

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Posted by Nalzindar 1 year ago Report

The finished picture looks great, it is a sexy dragon-girl you got there! Does she has any boyfriend... ; )
The accompanying story was also great reading, and we got to see yet another unsympatic prinsesse who has it coming, sooner or later!


Posted by DrakentheBlack 1 year ago Report

Thank you! It's always nice when spoiled girls get what's coming to them ^^
Emerald does not have a boyfriend. A girlfriend possibly, but she's more like a part-time friend-with-benefits.


Posted by PrinnyDood 1 year ago Report

This is awesome! I must confess I'm a big sucker for dragon-girl type giantesses, and Emerald is a cheeky delight! And the accompanying story was excellent too. Love a good picture/story combo. :D


Posted by DrakentheBlack 1 year ago Report

You have good taste in girls :)
I also enjoy some illustrations to go with a story.


Posted by PrinnyDood 11 months ago Report

Seems to me Emerald also has excellent 'taste' in the ladies!

I'm sorry, I'll see myself out now. xD


Posted by DrakentheBlack 11 months ago Report