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Tips for aspiring predators. By Voraciousmoga -- Report

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Taking the first step towards the chub life is always a bit daunting but with the right tips and tricks you can master your prey with minimal issue.
A successful meal will most likely linger long after ingestion. Expect squirming and cries of protest to be present before the initial settle in. Violent movements and loud cries may bring pleasure to expert predators, still it is undeniably a discomfort and alarming situation for beginners.
One simple and easy life hack to this problem is a mere set of tights. Preferably microfiber maternity tights (but any pair will do). This will greatly limit the mobilization of the food and will muffle any cries for help.
An essential item for those just starting out!

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Posted by whatisthissheet 1 month ago Report

Not only is it useful but it's also fashionable!


Posted by Angeltsunakappa 1 month ago Report

This is the most. Fashion related I ever seen in Vore community and yet no one knew that idea about tights tighten up Prey


Posted by ookami02 1 month ago Report

Very essential indeed


Posted by daeway 1 month ago Report

Who is she?


Posted by Voraciousmoga 1 month ago Report

Why not ask her yourself? Then again, that might not be the brightest idea.


Posted by Gelenor 1 month ago Report

Yeah a fatal mistake.


Posted by daeway 1 month ago Report

daeway: Aight... *ahem* Hello miss, what's your name?
Tayler Moore (sounds cool to me): Whatsit Tooyah.
daeway: Well that's a neat name, mine is... WAIT A MINUTE!
Tayler Moore: *walks away while holding in a belch*
daeway: Yeah, I agree. That could have gone better!


Posted by MellowYellow 1 month ago Report

This character is cute! I hope you draw them more.


Posted by RedNastyFoxy 1 month ago Report

Huff, those look great on stuffed bellies for sure! :3


Posted by SherlokKiril 1 month ago Report

"Guides" idea is amazing, honestly. I also how Goth she looks, you showed her inexperience through expression in the first panel really well. Making the whole process more uncomfortable for prey is certainly hot too !


Posted by boomerangfish 1 month ago Report

Or a tight bodysuit also works! My favorite solution


Posted by JohnnyF102 1 month ago Report

Ooh nice


Posted by Bluezilla 1 month ago Report

Wow she is very sexy~ I love skin tight bellies were you can see the prey~ you are one of my favourite vore artists~


Posted by Jackal3 1 month ago Report

Sensei Voraciousmoga! Question!
Would you recommend a full skin tight bodysuit too?


Posted by Voraciousmoga 1 month ago Report

skin tight isn't a bad idea however a light struggle from the prey actually expedites the digestive process. This is recommended considering the size of the meal. Tights are a happy medium allowing the prey to shift but not to the point where it's uncomfortable. Body suits are fine if you enjoy a sadistic simmer but this can potentially cause a nasty case of heart burn. Take things slow and work up to a skin tight suit.


Posted by smiley 1 month ago Report

I like her :)