Emily and the Python's Charm

This is a full comic adaptation of the first part of my story, Emily and the False Peace. I had made a partial adaptation to this in the past, but this time I have redone with new character models and sets! In the story, Emily is visited upon by a lecherous snake that wants to make the delicious girl-cub its next meal. Will its efforts be thwarted? Or will it succeed in swallowing Emily and escape before her friends can do anything about it? Preview pics will be shown in my DeviantArt gallery at https://www.deviantart.com/umbradiadem/gallery/75232632/emily-and-the-python-s-charm. The comic is in total 182 pages with 23 internal shots! It will be priced at $30 at gumroad.com. Go to https://gum.co/BHnVM to purchase it right now!

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