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Marunomi Comic - Scene 4, Page 2 By Nobodyman -- Report

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Final Page

EDIT: Okay, so a lot of people are asking "Why didn't Sakura get eaten?" Well, it's kind of complicated, but to make a long story short, I felt like a scene of Sakura being eaten, based on my story, wouldn't fit with the rest of the comic. I may commission ecchi again to do a follow-up with Sakura being eaten at a later date.

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Posted by Phanto 3 months ago Report

Wait...what happened to Sakura then? I don't see her getting eaten at any point.


Posted by DragonqueenShyvana 3 months ago Report

ye whats with sakura ino the hottest gets eaten but the best prey survives ?


Posted by Spider8Fiend 3 months ago Report

She can really pack food away! Either those ninja girls are digesting fast, or she's got a hyperspace belly XD


Posted by Darktroll 3 months ago Report

It looks more of a hyperspace gut, if you had read the series.


Posted by recoome5555 3 months ago Report

what about sakura?


Posted by Flame14 3 months ago Report

Love how the shots in this one make Hinata look a bit more meaty, especially that middle panel.


Posted by Godeater 3 months ago Report

Ah shame I wanted to see all of them eaten maybe even the aftermath of them adding to her. Still really good.


Posted by Darktroll 3 months ago Report

He didn't write that ending, but someone else wrote an alternative ending for the series.


Posted by Enteresting 2 months ago Report

Do you have a link to said alternate ending per chance?


Posted by Enteresting 2 months ago Report

Thank you.


Posted by Skeletop 3 months ago Report

This is his best artwork yet.


Posted by Darktroll 2 months ago Report

Not his, ecchipanadaa's


Posted by Lgammage 3 months ago Report

Awesome comic

The K

Posted by The K 3 months ago Report

It was wonderful to see your Marunomi series come to life. She's so full. Hope we get a bonus Sakura part.


Posted by BlueMarvel611 3 months ago Report

Hey NB, I just saw the commission that you put up and man that's so sweet seeing Marunomi in action. No wonder why I found her fascinating to read up on...and writing up on too. Not to mention attractive for a villainess. I guess you did make a good character to read up on. That said I enjoyed the sequences in terms of Marunomi devouring her victims. Mostly with how she was able to devour her foes in such a manner. That said I'd so like to see how big she'll get with Sakura in her belly. But for now, I'm satisfied with seeing this work given. XD

Good job on uploading the comic, NB. Hope to also see another chapter of Survival of the Fittest as that one got me on my toes. XD

Elias Azule
Blue Marvel


Posted by Hawkster 3 months ago Report

Damn, this stuff is hot. Is she inspired by terror toad at all? This entire sequence reminded me of that.


Posted by Nobodyman 3 months ago Report

Yep! Terror Toad was my main inspiration in establishing her abilities and the flow of the battle.


Posted by gundamfanx0000 3 months ago Report

These are so good I hope I get to see the same with sailor moon and the gourmet Empire Someday