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It's a Fox Eat Cat Universe By joeburp22181 -- Report

One night of selfishness, one evening of a lack of crew, on a skeleton shift, would change the fate of a poor, unsuspecting feline, forever. A hungry Fennec would come upon an unaware, but doting, Calico girl. One thing leading to another, a fun time to be had, behind closed doors, but also, a place no one could save her, for this budding bartender, an inescapable fate of being fat on a Command Secretary Fennec fox's ass!

Tricked, teased, eaten out, and eaten up. Viviana would learn things aren't always what they seemed. Damned from orientation. Both not having an implant due to having no medical about that shift, and from the lack of speech her fear would give her in her shock as she witnessed Emma's hedonistic treachery at its finest, gobbling her up whole and alive in the midst of a recovering post coitus, only to collect her wits all too late, silenced for good as she'd slip beyond those pursing lips.

Soon to be nothing more than another massive bulge in the Fennec's gut, from the long line of innocent victims having already stewed away before its latest occupant. It wouldn't be all that long, in the grand scheme of things, before the poor bartender was all but forgotten about, at least in all the senses of that word, that it truly mattered.


RP posted with express consent of Emma's player.


Thumbnail art done for me by kateastr0fic of Deviant Art!

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