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Better Eating Underground By hibbyjibby -- Report

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Looks like a certain underground dwelling midget, who is most certainly not just a dwarf, took a quick trip to the surface to help out her Vault, and bit off a little more than she could chew. Or rather gulped more than she could swallow considering that lady was in one piece.

Needless to say it's tough putting all your points into Intelligence but skimping on Strength so she could min-max like the literal munchkin that she is. What's a brainiac to do in this scenario? A greedy brainiac at that.

Not very birthday related but I've always enjoyed Fallout, and figured I could indulge myself and put ol' Mina into an image with it as a gift to myself. Always better late than never, as I've been a bit too distracted by Fallout 76 (amazingly NOT hot garbage anymore which surprised a new player like myself), but it atleast explains my Fallout itch as of late and why I used it for a self-birthday image.

Same-size with a small pred is fun, and I like to think I'm improving at it too. Mina's a shortie n' she knows it, I best show it off when I can. I can't do backgrounds worth a damn, but eh well. Was supposed to do this faster'n usual, and them shiny curves is the focus anyway.

I got something else ready to release soon enough, but suffice to say it's fun doing digestion that isn't just a potbelly and a bit, squishier/bigger. If it's shiny, it has to be good. And by extension rubbery too.

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Posted by TheForsaken 1 month ago Report

did she seriously LOSE storage space!? My knowledge of fallout has been changed forever ;w;


Posted by hibbyjibby 1 month ago Report

It was a mistake on that big a level it affected even the artist of this image. For shame, I know

Or she's hungry and suffering a real big strength debuff. It takes a lotta calories to power a big brain after all


Posted by TheForsaken 1 month ago Report

Fair enough! Good stuff either way!


Posted by hibbyjibby 1 month ago Report

Well ayy hope you liked what I got on display here then


Posted by TheForsaken 1 month ago Report

I certainly do! Keep up the great work!