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Miss Smalls: Cotton’s Bad Day By helenarlet -- Report

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Cotton is reluctantly the focus of an episode of a reality TV show, but having a bad night on the job with a camera crew following her around may be the least of her worries.

My twenty-second Miss Smalls story.

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Posted by Jempy 1 month ago Report

Cotton tries so hard....and I very much doubt that Peacock is getting away.


Posted by helenarlet 1 month ago Report

He can't be allowed to get away. That was the point.


Posted by Skittles209 1 month ago Report

So, Cherry might have some issues or Clawdette doesn't like leftovers.


Posted by helenarlet 1 month ago Report

Hmm... I don't guess we have had a very in depth look into what goes on in Cherry's head yet...


Posted by Madmaxman 1 month ago Report

Perhaps after the last two cover-ups it simply doesn't phase her.


Posted by helenarlet 1 month ago Report

The original draft to this story had a very different scene concerning Cherry's reaction to that situation, but then I decided to was a little too dark for this series and also cut back on the vore content so I scrapped it.

Anyways, maybe I'll go write a side story about Cherry now...


Posted by TheDarkTraveler 1 month ago Report

this is getting out of control


Posted by helenarlet 1 month ago Report

It's almost like a society where everyone's an anthropomorphic animal and meat has to come from SOMEWHERE wouldn't really function all that smoothly in reality while trying to apply the same social standards we live under.


Posted by TheDarkTraveler 1 month ago Report

It is an interesting criteque on that sort of world


Posted by helenarlet 1 month ago Report

Don't get me wrong. I love Furry stuff. But when I watch something like Zootopia (one of my favorite movies) I sit there and think, okay that's awesome and all, but how does a society like this actually function? Every story I write in this setting has always partly been a way for me to explore that.

And then Beastars hit the North America audience a year after I'd started this little project and I learned it had actually already been a thing in Japan two years prior to the publication of the first piece of work in this setting and I was like, okay great... You already tackled the issue ahead of me... Good for you... I'll just go over here and be a derivative then...


Posted by YamiTakashi 1 month ago Report

i like the fact that Cindy was not scard of what just happen and just thought it was awesome x3

and stuff getting out of control,.. ^^;

good job on this part :D

would like to see more side stories of the girls since they are so diffrent and would be quite the chance to see more of the nature of that person, dream, past or anything :3 but ofcourse thats up to you since they are your ocs after all x3


Posted by helenarlet 3 weeks ago Report

The series is of course about Clawdette, but I do plan to do a few more spotlights on some of the other characters. We've pretty much got Anny, Cindy, and Cotton taken care of, but I still need to do a spotlight on Cherry, Veronica, and Blythe. I'd also like to write more about Pip and São. So we'll see. It's just going to be a mater of finding places to work the stories in... I may end up extending this season beyond 13 stories considering how fast I've been cranking them out. I may push it up to 24 stories a season. But I'm not sure if even that is going to be enough room to do everything I'd like to do this season.