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Drawlloween 2020 - #26 Beach House Beasts By Aesir -- Report

Suppon Izumi's debut came a little earlier than expected. Still working on some details on her clothes so her clothing might change in the future, but I thought it'd be fun to use her for this.

A Kappa Samurai with an insatiable love for girl's asses. Snapping Turtle themed, she also devours girls as well, and is highly aggressive. Turning girls into cock stew and blowing them into a fat-bottomed girl's asses is her favorite, tho.

Short Story by  Jermayan >

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Posted by Spookums 9 months ago Report

pickle cock

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Posted by Antw0n 9 months ago Report

I look forward to seeing more Izumi

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Posted by boomerangfish 9 months ago Report

That tattoo is good!

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Posted by Thagrahn 9 months ago Report

Took me a minute to notice the face bulging out in the back. That means she's loaded up several girls.

Also love that she has the ass of girl she is going to fill pressed against that cock when sucking the other girls down.

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Posted by KlinKitty 9 months ago Report

Ribbed for her pleasure >.>

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Posted by Thatdude8 9 months ago Report

I’m curious, does Izumi still have a water bowl on her head like traditional mythological kappa, and if so, can a prey still escape her by bowing and forcing her to do the same out of honor?

Or would such actions just make it easier to shove the persons head down her cock?

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Posted by Ome 9 months ago Report

definitely turned out awesome

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Posted by TakanTwins 9 months ago Report

I love her and wish to participate in her favourite activity~

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