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valery's tip (part 1). By darksidesofsix -- Report

story is she ordered pizza, she's poor so she cant give a tip, delivery guy gets all fussy about it so she eats him.

kinda old pic.
should really draw her more.

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago Report

Mouse pred eating some poor delivery person and being a bitch about it? Yes please~


Posted by RandomInjury 1 year ago Report

I used to deliver pizza, I never got fussy about it, but it SUCKS to not get tipped, because you aren't paid for gas, so if you deliver to someone who doesn't tip you are suddenly making less than minimum wage for that delivery.


Posted by soline 1 year ago Report

"Should really draw her more"

Yes, yes you absolutely should. Bitchy, mean mousy pred? Holy crap yes the world needs more of Valery!


Posted by RedNastyFoxy 1 year ago Report

Mouse preds are gorgeous! ^__^


Posted by Dudeox05 1 year ago Report

Goodness!~ How do I get her as my delivery driver? <3
Beautiful delivery gal. :)