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Road to El Vore'Ado By Metalforever -- Report

Hey everyone, here is October's second place winner Chel from Road to El Dorado in her 4 part vore sequence!

This one was super fun to work on and in particular I'm satisfied with how the third and fourth panels turned out. Sneaking in a fat booty shot and thunder thighs are always a plus.

For this sequence I contemplated several different story lines and after deliberation finally decided I wanted to try something more POV'ish, with her addressing us the viewer as she progresses through her binge eating. And by the final panel she's still not sated with all the people (and / or food) she's had and you're looking tasty...

There are several alternative versions up on Patreon right now; one with her chowing down on food rather than tasty women. As well as sweaty endings for both the vore and stuffing versions. On top of all that a preg belly version of the first panel by itself.


Thank you to my patrons for their support and making this possible!

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 9 days ago Report

Love Chel, such a beauty~ Especially when she's nice and thick <3 (and hungry)


Posted by DemonioBlanco 9 days ago Report

the evil priest that wanted human sacrifices will be pleased


Posted by raigekink 9 days ago Report

i can't even with this


Posted by Metalforever 9 days ago Report



Posted by raigekink 9 days ago Report

i've wanted Chel to eat me since even before i knew what vore was <3


Posted by Metalforever 9 days ago Report

Oooo, nice :3


Posted by TheLazyWizard 9 days ago Report

I see some Goldposting here ...


Posted by somethingsomething2077 9 days ago Report

Can i hug?


Posted by Spider8Fiend 9 days ago Report

As always, Chel is a crafty con woman. Who even knows if the "gods" didn't return to the heavens through her belly?


Posted by Metalforever 8 days ago Report

She is full of something and deception may be some of it :3c


Posted by Spider8Fiend 8 days ago Report

Perhaps Miguel and Tulio were better off not trusting her? Sure, Chel knows a lot more about her civilization than these two, but was it worth becoming baby fat on her sides? Definitely not...

... then again, Tulio definitely had the hots for her, so perhaps he's content to be a part of his beloved Chel forever? Tulio's crush on Chel can even be worked into the preg version, although I shouldn't push your artistic decisions one way or the other. ^_^"


Posted by Nekochow 9 days ago Report

Oh man where do I even begin? I wish I could favourite it twice. This is a fantastic piece, the best Chel vore image yet and my favourite thing you've done. I adore the way you've drawn her, love the scenario, the 4th wall breaking aspect, the expressions, the angles, and of course, the fat booty. It's all so good!


Posted by Metalforever 8 days ago Report

Thank you Nekochow :3 <3


Posted by NitroKitsune 9 days ago Report

Chel? More like Swell~



Posted by Metalforever 8 days ago Report

Ba dnnnn ssssst~


Posted by MelancholyClownD 6 days ago Report

They were on a road to her curves! It's a dream come true to see Chel drawn by you!


Posted by Metalforever 6 days ago Report

True that and thanks MelancholyClownD