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Half-Breed Emerald By DrakentheBlack -- Report

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I have really been in an Emerald mood as of late, so I thought I would upload this image with text talking about her backstory in a bit more detail. Please, enjoy.

Also, I apologize ahead of time for sadness.


Once upon a time, a young maiden was sacrificed to a dragon. She was not consumed by the beast, for he loved her, and did not wish for her harm. The woman, in turn, fell for him as well. They laid together, embracing in love and intimacy. The relationship of the dragon and the maiden ended when heroes seeking honor and glory killed the dragon to rescue the maiden. The maiden wept and mourned over the death of her dragon, but months later, she found he had given her a final gift…

Rodrick wanted to make a name for himself as a brave hero. He wanted to be someone lords and kings would come to in order to solve problems across the land. Naturally, being born a farm-boy, then getting an apprenticeship to a blacksmith, and only now trying his hand a mercenary work, his days of renown were still a long way off. Still, the only way to get to the end of a journey was to take it one step at a time, and he was finally given direction for his first step.

Apparently, a dragon had been harassing a farmer, and even devoured the man’s daughter. The bounty for this creature was not very high at the moment, but Rodrick considered doing a service to a community for a low price could help with his image.

Of course, once he was within the hills the dragon was reported to retreat to, he was feeling a bit nervous about confronting the monster. As he reached a hill that had a cave dug into it, the fear began to become overwhelming. Maybe he wasn’t cut out for this? No! He wanted to be a hero, and that meant standing up to the foul monsters of the world. He took a deep breath, stowed his fear, drew his sword, and crossed the threshold.

As he entered the cave, he heard noises; it was the sound of a young woman crying. Maybe it was the shepherd’s daughter? Or perhaps another maiden the dragon kidnapped and was saving for dessert? Either way, it was one more reason to kill this beast, and he charged around the corner ready to come face to face with the dragon.

He was not prepared for what he actually beheld in that cave.

The ‘dragon’ in question initially struck his eye as a woman, albeit a very tall woman. Upon closer examination, he saw she had bat-wings on her back, a scaly tail coming out of her rear, and horns emerging from her head. Her ears were fin-like, and her arms and legs were scaly and ended in talons. Her body was poorly concealed by burned and torn rags, showing many stripes on her skin.

Whatever this monster was, Rodrick figured she had to be the dragon people were talking about. He readied his blade and approached for combat. As he neared, her ears twitched, and then she rose her head to look down at him. Tears streamed from her green, feline eyes, and the moment she spotted his weapon, she curled up and began to beg, “No! Please stay away! Please don’t hurt me!”

This was nothing like what Rodrick had expected. He asked,
“Aren’t you a dragon?”

“No! Well… yes, but… I don’t know.”

“Surely you must know how this works.” He presented his weapons, “You burn some homes and devour maidens, and then I, or someone like me, comes to kill you.”

His words got her to slink away, and she pleaded, “I didn’t want to eat her! I was so hungry, and she looked so good…” Her stomach growled, and Rodrick readied to defend himself from the hungry monster, but she covered her face as she began to cry again.

This display was making it very difficult for Rodrick to go through with actually fighting her. He sheathed his weapon, and then tossed his bag of rations toward her as he said, “Here, eat this.”

The dragon looked confused by his gesture, but she did stop sobbing for a moment as she plucked the bag off the ground and opened it carefully. She sniffed the preserved meat and potatoes to determine they weren’t poisoned, and then dropped the food into her mouth. She savored it as tears of joy streamed down her cheeks.

Rodrick examined the dragon, and he said, “You are unlike any dragon I’ve ever heard of, though you’re the first one I’ve ever met. What is your name?”
The dragon swallowed the bite of food, and then answered, “My name is Emerald.”

Emerald’s mother raised her like any mother would raise her daughter. Caring for her and loving her and doing her best to ensure she had a good upbringing. She was different from other girls though, as she had many draconic features thanks to her father. The little dragon-girl thought nothing of it though; her mother loved her, so in her mind she was just as normal as anyone else.

The other children in her community were interested in her wings and tail, some thought they were weird, while others thought they were cool, but all wanted to play with the dragon-girl. That was until parents began to pull their children away, saying things like, “You stay away from that girl. Do you see her horns? She’s a demon!”
Once the parents taught their children fear and hate, Emerald lost all of her friends.

Emerald grew much taller than other people. By the time she was sixteen, she was well over twenty feet tall. Regardless of how large her daughter became, her mother was always able to accommodate her. She rebuilt the door to their home so
Emerald could get inside. She also made sure to sew larger and larger clothes so her daughter was appropriately dressed.
Her relationship with her community had yet to improve though.

She went to school as she normally did, crawling through the doorway and squeezing herself through carefully as she had practiced for such small entry ways. She stayed on all fours to walk to the back of the room – as there was no desk big enough to accommodate her – at which point she sat in a manner similar to a cat to attend her class.

One of the students, a girl named Bea, conversed with her friends loud enough for the dragon-girl to hear, “Look at her, crawling around like the beast she is.” Bea’s friends chuckled and laughed, making Emerald feel self-conscious. She had no trouble walking on four legs or upright, but it was not like she really had an option when indoors, so why was it wrong to walk quadrupedal?

Her teacher entered the room, greeted his class, and began the day’s lecture with a review of the reading they had been assigned. Emerald had been up all night reading the assigned books, and so she was confident with her ability to answer any questions.

Her teacher began, “Alright class, can anybody tell me when Gulliver discovered Laputa?”
Emerald rose her hand carefully as she considered the question, but her teacher called on someone else in the front row, who answered, “1699 Another student added, “It should be noted this was a trick question. Gulliver did not discover Laputa, but rather Lilliput. Laputa was discovered by other explorers.”

“Excellent, you both get credit. Now who remembers the challenge Heracles had to win in order to join Jason’s crew?”

This one Emerald knew, and she again raised her hand. The teacher’s gaze passed over her without even acknowledging her, and another student answered the question. This happened again a few more times, and when another question occurred that she was confident in the answer, she was determined to get credit for her reading. She shot her hand straight up, and it smashed through the ceiling.

The dragon-girl panicked and pulled her hand free, showing she had punched a hole completely through the roof. Her hand was spared any damage thanks to her hard scales, but the rest of the class burst out in laughter, and her teacher told her angrily, “Get out of my class.” She hung her head in shame as she crawled back out of the building.

Emerald sat within earshot of the schoolhouse so she could hear the new material. She listened patiently until the lecture finally ended, and which point students quickly left the building, giving the dragon-girl a wide birth. Bea and her friends walked a bit closer to her so they could heckle, “And the giant smashes again!” “Maybe we should tie you down on the beach so you can’t hurt anyone.” “Later freak.” Emerald curled her wings and tail around herself as the girls left laughing.

A moment later, another student walked by. His name was John, and he was a handsome young man in Emerald’s opinion. He spoke to her softly, “Hey, don’t let them get to you. Alright?” She perked up, but did not respond before he went about his business. Did he like her? She wondered.

Class was over, so there was no reason for Emerald to linger any longer. Her mother had given her some money to buy meat and cotton after her studies were concluded, and so she went about doing that.

Her first stop was the butcher. She knelt down in front of the man’s shop, and said, “Excuse me, my mother sent me here to pick up meat. Could I get some pork and lamb chops?”

The man told her, “Go away demon.”

“I have money. I can pay.” Emerald informed, not understanding why the man had to be so rude. He still ordered, “I said go away! Tell your whore mother if she wants service, she’d best keep her spawn out of it.”

Emerald did as she was told, and tried to do business elsewhere. Unfortunately, she was not able to find success anywhere else, as all of the merchants told her to go away, or ignored her entirely. Why were they doing this to her? She wondered.

When Emerald finally returned home, opening the large door which was almost a wall by itself, her mother was in process of cooking broth, but still had a smile on her face as she said, “Welcome home dear. Did you get the supplies we needed?”

The mother looked at her daughter, and was surprised to see her both empty handed and on the verge of tears. “What’s the matter?”

Emerald walked forward on all fours, and replied, “Nobody would accept payment. They wanted me to go away.” Her mother reached out and embraced her, and Emerald rested her head on her mother’s lap as she began to cry openly, “Why do they hate me mommy!?” Her mother pet her dark hair, trying to console her.

“You’re looking in the wrong place dear. Not all people are cruel, you just have to find the kind ones.”

“But I can’t, what if everyone hates me?”

“I don’t hate you. You are my beautiful, precious daughter. If you always show kindness to people, others will come to see how beautiful you are as well. I know there are others who like you.”

Emerald thought for a moment, and remembered at least one person who showed her kindness. She stopped crying as she said, “Well, this is this guy, named John. He’s always been nice to me.” Her mother smiled, and told her, “See. Tomorrow you should spend time with him. It will be good for you to have friends again, don’t you think?”

“Yes… I do.” Emerald smiled, actually looking forward to tomorrow.

The next morning, Emerald got ready to meet with John. She tied her hair in a ponytail, tucked a flower next to one of her horns for flare, and put on her favorite dress. It was a halter top which covered her breasts and wrapped around her neck and back in a way to avoid impeding her wings, and a long skirt that stretched from her hips to her scaly ankles, which both concealed her tail and gave it room to wag. She felt so beautiful as she left the house that morning, her scales were practically sparkling in the sunlight. She waved goodbye to her mother who was doing yard work, and her mother wished her the best.

Emerald walked the streets standing tall and confident. She soon found John hanging out with his friends, and she approached him eagerly. As she approached, one of John’s friends said, “Whoa, check it out. What do you think she wants?” Emerald fiddled her hands in front of her a bit nervously, but she still smiled as she looked at John, spreading her wings as if to display herself as she said, “Hello John. I was wondering, would you like to walk through the fields with me?”

She awaited his answer, but that was when his friends began to laugh and taunt him, “Looks like the dragon girl has got the hots for you.” “Wow John, I didn’t realize you were into big scaly women.”

“I’m not!” John retorted, sounded both offended and embarrassed. He looked Emerald in the eye as he continued, “I don’t like her. I don’t want anything to do with her.”

Emerald’s heart sank. What started as such a beautiful day was turning to horror. Her lips quivered, and tears began to fill her eyes. “No… No…” She whimpered as she backed away. Not paying attention to where she was going, her foot struck a fence, and she stumbled over backwards, landing in the mud of a pig pen. John’s friends, and even many people passing by began to laugh at her as she pushed herself up from the mud. “NO!” She cried, spreading her wings and flying away as fast as she could.

The dragon-girl was clearly devastated, something that got Bea to smile deviously about.

Emerald found a tree on the outskirts of town, near the fields of crops, where she could curl up beneath and cry to herself. Her hair was matted, and her dress and body were stained brown and muddy. Her mother told her there were good people out there, people who liked her, could see her beauty. But her mother was wrong; nobody liked her.

Then the last people Emerald wanted to see found her. Bea and her friends approached her, and the bully taunted, “Aww, what’s the matter. Did the dragon not get her offering? You know a guy would have to be chained to a pole to hang out with you.”

“Leave me alone.” Emerald sobbed, and one of Bea’s friends mimicked her in a mocking tone, “Leave me alone!” getting the group to laugh. Bea continued, “Did you think you could put on a new dress and a little bit of makeup, and suddenly you could be like any other girl? Nope! You’re a freak; a hideous monster!”

“Please stop…” Emerald begged, curling up tighter and trying to conceal herself with her wings. The heckling did not stop, as the bullies began to chant ‘Freak’ over and over again. One of them picked up a stone from the ground, and tossed it at the dragon-girl, striking her hard on the head.

The girls laughed, while the dragon experienced physical pain, and blood poured down her brow. Something triggered in her subconscious, some kind of defense mechanism that she had no knowledge of. The only thing Emerald knew was that her insides were burning up. Her heaving chest began to glow red, and confusion and concern caused the bullies to cease their laughing.

The heat in her body was so intense, Emerald had to release it! She opened her mouth to scream, and fire spewed from her open maw, enveloping her attackers. Her fire warmed her mouth, but it did not burn her. When the stream finally stopped though, the same could not be said for Bea and her friends, whose remains were crumbling into ash.

“What have I done!?” Emerald quivered as realization and fear set in. She had to get to her mother, she always knew what to do, she could fix anything. She quickly flew home, even as the fields began to ignite where she’d just been.

Emerald was so distraught with the events that had just occurred that she nearly crashed into her yard. She pulled the door aside and called for her mother.

“What is it dear?” Her mother’s eyes went wide when she saw the state her daughter was in, “What happened!?”

“Fire! I couldn’t help it! I burned them!”

“Calm down, just tell me what’s going on.” She hugged her daughter; as distressed as the mother was, she wanted her daughter to feel safe.

Shouting was heard outside, and the mother left her daughter’s side as she investigated what was going on. The entire town had gathered, wielding torches and pitchforks, and one of the men – Bea’s father – said to Emerald’s mother, “Out of the way, witch. We’re here for the monster you’ve harbored for too long.”

“What is going on?” The mother asked.

“That demon killed my daughter! And set fire to our crops.”

“She’d never…”

“She is a monster! Are we to do nothing while she brings death to us all!?”

“Please calm down.” The mob was only getting more riled up, and the mother was terrified for her daughter. This had happened before when people came to kill her dragon. She begged them to leave him in peace, but they ignored her and killed him anyway. Now that same fate would befall her daughter as well. She turned to the dragon-girl and ordered, “Run Emerald! Run away and don’t look back!”

“But I…”

“I said run!”

Emerald reluctantly obeyed, making her way to the back door. However, the mob was already waiting for her there, and she had to force the door shut to prevent them from getting in. “Emerald!” The mother was about to come to her daughter’s aid, but then Bea’s father clubbed her on the back of the head.

“Mommy!” Emerald’s eyes went wide when she saw her mother drop to the floor, and the mob cheered and shouted for more blood. Emerald quickly grabbed her mother, holding her close to her body as more people rushed into the house. Her heart burned, and her chest glowed red again. Seeing this, the crowd stopped in their tracks, and then ran for their lives as Emerald screamed fire throughout the interior of the house.

Dragon fire quickly set the wooden building ablaze. The mob had to back away from the intensity of the heat, and could only hope the dragon had killed herself on her own pyre.

The roof of the house burst off, and Emerald flew out of the burning building and fled to the clouds, with and hate shouted behind her.

The next day, Emerald finished patting down the dirt of a grave, her mother’s grave. Tears dropped onto the soft dirt as the dragon-girl mourned. In one day, everything had been taken from her; her home, her hope, her love. She was alone…

Rodrick sat by his campfire as he listened to the dragon’s story. After hearing what she had to say, he said, “There’s something that doesn’t add up. You claim to have grown up and lived around humans, and yet I was hired because you ate a farmer’s daughter. Care to explain yourself?”

Emerald had a look of guilt as she rubbed her belly, and Rodrick gave her a very accusatory glare. Thinking he might try to cut her open, the dragon-girl said, “She died days ago, in case you thought she’d still be alive in my belly.”

His mood was really not improved by her comment.

Left to her own devices, Emerald crawled into a cave to hide away from the world. She wondered if it would be better if she simply died out in the wild, but the painful gnawing at her gut drove her to get food.

She flew over open fields and to a new town, landing in the street. People were terrified of her, and ran to their homes to hide in fear. Hungry as she was, she didn’t think she could be scary if she wanted to. Her wings and tail dragged on the ground as she walked, holding her arms across her gut.

She pleaded to the people, “Please don’t run! I know I look different, but I mean you no harm! I just want some food, and I’ll work for whatever I take. Somebody! Please!”

She dropped to the ground, her body shaking as a hunger cramp overcame her.

Someone approached, and she saw it was a young boy holding an apple in his hands. He looked at her with all the wonder of someone who was seeing a lion at the zoo for the first time while he munched on his snack.

The boy’s mother soon came out to the open, screaming with fear as she quickly swiped up the boy and ran back to the cover of their home. The boy dropped his apple accidently, and hungry as she was, she couldn’t refuse the fruit even with the dirt on it. Still, she sobbed, feeling so pathetic as she ate the scraps from the ground.

The next people to enter the street were bold citizens with mob gear, and knowing exactly how that would turn out, she wasted no time leaving town.

She came back every day, sticking to the homes on the outskirts of town, trying to find someone who would give her food in exchange for work. Surely someone would have a labor job that a girl of her size would be cut out for. Sadly, that was not the case. No one even wanted to talk to her.

One day, she could not take it any longer. She had to eat something! She landed at a farm she had visited a couple times before, and rather than wasting her time talking to the people, she instead went to the chicken coup, and ripped the cage open to grab one of the cluckers.

Eating like this was savage and she knew it, but she was finding herself having little to no trouble consuming raw meat. The taste of blood was not repulsing, and nor did she feel sickness in her stomach.

She had only eaten one chicken when she heard someone shout, “Stop!” She looked to the ground, where she saw a teenage girl standing with a large stick in hand. By how poor her dress was, and her lack of footwear, it was safe to say this girl came from a very low class family.

Emerald spat out some feathers, then ordered, “Go away!”

The girl stood her ground as she replied, “I don’t know what you are, but I’ve defended these chickens from foxes and wolves, and I’ll hit you until you go away too!”

“I gave you people multiple chances to help me, and I wanted to help you in return, but you left me no choice. I have to eat!”

“I don’t care if you starve you… what are you?”

“I’m a girl.”

“No you’re not! I’m a girl! You look like a demon!”

“I’m part dragon.”

The girl was getting shakier by the moment, and she said, “Why do you have to pick on us peasants? There’s pleanty of princesses and noble daughters you could eat.”

“I don’t want to eat humans!” She said, sounding mortified.

“Why not? It’s what monsters like you do, at least until a knight comes and puts you out of all our misery.”

“I’m not a monster, I’m a person, no different from you.”

“Don’t compare me to you; I’m not some freak dragon-wench!”

“Don’t call me a freak! Don’t call me a monster!” She was getting angry, but she wasn’t about to spit fire again, she had something else building inside of her.

Having had enough of the taunting, she finally lashed out and picked the girl up off the ground, flicking the stick out of her hands.

“Put me down!” The girl demanded. Emerald was going to tell her to apologize, but there was something about seeing this girl struggle in her grasp, and scream for help. This human told her she was supposed to eat people, and she found that notion oddly tempting. Her thumb claw hooked the neck of the girl’s dress and pulled it down to bare her breasts. The pale, round flesh did look rather good, maybe a taste couldn’t hurt.

Her tongue made the teen’s orbs bounce, and Emerald felt a wonderful flavor wash over her tongue. She couldn’t really eat somebody though, could she? Her stomach growled as hunger began to overcome her, and she couldn’t resist any longer as her dragon instinct took over. The farmgirl screamed as she was crammed into Emerald’s mouth.

Emerald felt an odd inclination that she shouldn’t chew this prey. Though her cheeks barely expanded enough to compensate bringing in the girl’s shoulders, she did not choke as she began to swallow her alive. Emerald watched the way the human’s feet kicked back and forth in front of her face, their range becoming more limited the more she slurped and swallowed, and then they disappeared completely as the dirty peds slipped past her lips.

She swallowed, her throat expanding quite pleasurably as her prey slid through it on its way to her stomach. The dragon-girl’s belly expanded as a healthy load of meat dropped into it, and relief from a good meal washed over the predator.

Then it hit her exactly what she did. Emerald gasped, clasping a talon over her mouth, while the other went to her belly, which jiggled from the girl trapped inside. Tears welled in her eyes as she realized she ate someone, another person, and they were going to die inside her stomach.

“I’m so sorry!” She cried, running and flying away before retaliation could come to her.

At the end of Emerald’s explanation, Rodrick had many conflicting emotions. The most prominent one was that this was not the sort of murderous monster that would bring him glory for killing. He sighed, and finally admitted to her, “You were supposed to be my first step into honor and glory. A fearsome dragon whose head I could claim as a trophy.” Hearing his words got Emerald to quiver with fear. He continued, “I see I was wrong. I came to find a dragon to fight, and instead I found a maiden who needs to be rescued.” These words confused the dragon-girl.

Rodrick sheathed his sword, and removed his helm so the dragon-girl could see his young but rather plain face. He told her, “You know you are wanted for the people you’ve killed. If I walk away, someone else will come who may be less willing to show mercy. You should run away while you can; I’ll tell the guild that I managed to drive you away.” It may not be as good as returning with her head, but surely being strong enough to scare a monster was glorious enough in its own way.

Emerald said, “I have nowhere to go. I don’t want to hurt people, but when they treat me like a monster, I can’t… I can’t…”

“Then be a monster to them.” Rodrick told her. He explained, “Your mother told you to always be kind, but for some people that’s just not good enough. Be kind to those you meet, and some will return that kindness to you, but for those who will still treat you like a monster, be a monster to them. Their opinions of you will not change regardless of if you prove them right or not.”

“Why would you tell me to do something so evil?”

“It’s scripture. The golden rule is to do onto others as you’d want done to yourself. The silver rule is to do onto others as they have done onto you.”

“But I don’t want to hurt anyone. I’m not a monster!”

“You are a dragon though.”

“What does that have to do with anything!?” She was clearly getting upset with her guest.

He explained, “You want to be a good human, and that’s great, but you are half dragon, and being human conflicts with half of who you are. Be a dragon to the people who treat you like one; you may feel better about yourself if you stop shunning who you are.”

She dropped her head, “I don’t want to be a monster…”

He shrugged, “How many dragons do you know?” She was confused by his question, but he continued, “After everything you’ve experienced, are you so sure it’s not the human half that is more monstrous?”

He kicked a rock and shook his head as he groaned, “I’m sorry, I really shouldn’t talk like that. I’m supposed to be the hero after all. I need to look after people no matter what.”

“So, are you going to kill me?”

“Nope.” He answered with a shrug.

He retrieved his gear and put out his fire, and said, “I hope my sparing you will be returned to me. You really should go while you still have the chance.”

She quivered a bit, and said, “I don’t understand, why are you being so nice to me? I’m an ugly monster.”

He paused, then answered, “I don’t see you as such.” He turned away as he put his helmet on. “Take care of yourself, Emerald. It’s a dangerous world for a dragon. But… I hope it’s more dangerous for anyone who’d show that dragon cruelty.”

Rodrick left the dragon’s cave; he was ready to tell people about the epic battle he’d had with the fearsome dragon that dwelled within. With the beast retreating once she learned she was outmatched, he was confident that would earn him some good reputation. Deeper than that though, he hoped he would meet Emerald again, and that they could help each other.

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Posted by Aril_Lisidmuthir 10 months ago Report

I can imagine them teaming up in a future story or becoming a couple. :)


Posted by DrakentheBlack 10 months ago Report

That is certainly within the possibilities :)


Posted by Nalzindar 10 months ago Report

Poor Emerald, she hasn't gotten a nice upbringing. It is quite the background story you ave given her, including the seed for a better future...?
Do you plan to develop her character into a full-blown story perhaps?


Posted by DrakentheBlack 10 months ago Report

I don't really have a larger overarching story in mind for this character. I just have who she is and some characters that are reoccurring in her life, but for now her story is found in the various situations she's going to wind up in.