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Hey There Tiny By DrakentheBlack -- Report

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What do most people get when they turn sixteen? While on Earth you may expect your first car, but on Skyvale people learn their place in the world of business. What did Peter get for his sixteenth birthday though? Cursed! He was shrunk down to an inch tall, and thusfar, the change had been permanent. Given that he was worthless in any occupation now, and that a mouse was a danger to the boy’s life, his mother had to take special care of him.

In the two years since he was cursed, his social life had disappeared, and wanting her son to do more than just sit around the house moping all day, his mother posted an invite for people to come to the house and play with him. The offer was accepted by a couple of very attractive women, and Peter’s mother figured it would do her son some good to be able to hang out with some pretty girls.
Apparently, she had not considered the repercussions of the fact that the girls were part cat.

Peter was startled to find a pair of nekos in his room, both of whom looked eager to play with their new toy. Were he still normal size, this might have been a dream come true, but at his current size, this was a nightmare. The girls greeted him playfully, but Peter called out to his mother with fear that he was about to be eaten.

“You think just because we’re cat’s we’re going to eat you?” They asked, sounding a bit offended.

“You’re not going to eat me?” He asked.

“Well, we never said that…” They teased. The two of them took off their clothes, and then used their claws to carefully hook and remove his apparel.

“You can’t hurt me! My mother will know!” He threatened, feeling significantly more freaked out as a claw danced around his manhood.

The cats smiled deviously as they replied, “It would take a while for her to find out, seeing how she’ll be gone for a month. She also paid us in advance to encourage us to take care of you.”

Terror sank in as he was picked up from the ground and held between the pair, fearing that he was about to be slipped into at least one of their mouths, chewed up, or swallowed whole, but eaten alive either way.

He was brought to mouths, but he was met with puckered lips as the girls alternated between kissing him. This wasn’t so bad, it was actually kindof exciting, and he felt himself get a boner. Once he was fully erect, one of the pairs of lips gripped his member, and he felt a tongue wiggle on the tip of his manhood. The feeling was incredible! And he soon climaxed in the neko’s mouth.

“You taste good!” the cat who just sucked him dry purred, making him think she was about to enjoy a main course, but instead he was set down between the titanic naked women. They spread their legs to present their pussies to him, then asked, “Would you like to return the favor?”

They weren’t forcing him to pleasure them, in spite of how easily they could, which made him more willing to comply with them. Once he agreed, he was picked up once again, and the cats took turns using his body like a dildo, pleasuring themselves until they each had a climax.

When they were finished playing, the trio put their clothes on again, and the cat-girls asked if Peter would like them to come back to play tomorrow as well. He told them he’d be happy to have them over any time!

A month later, Peter’s mother returned home to find a pair of nekos sleeping with her son between them. He was happy to see her, and told her he had a great time while she was gone. However, his mother appeared angered. She was sick of taking care of him, and hoped to rid herself of the burden by getting him eaten by nekos.

The nekos in question confronted the mother at this point. As it turned out, they were actually Peace Keepers – Skyvale’s equivalent to police, judge, jailor, and when necessary, executioner – and she had just confessed to attempted murder.

After his mother was delt with in accordance to the laws of the settlement, Peter wondered what would become of him. As it turned out, the cat-girls had become rather attached to their little toy. They took him home with them, and he spent the rest of his life as their very happy pet.

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Posted by Nalzindar 10 months ago Report

And they all lived happily ever after :D
This is certainly a side of Skyvale which I haven't seen yet. Is it set in the future perhaps? I can't really imagine it being this kind of police/law enforcers there at this point (if it isn't in a completely other region though.

These cat girls are absolutely sexy, and the accompanying story was just as great : )
More please!


Posted by DrakentheBlack 10 months ago Report

You are correct, Peace Keepers are post Main Series in Skyvale.

Thank you! I shall gladly make more like this ^^


Posted by ClosetedTiny 2 months ago Report

I just recently found your work! This story is amazing and I would love to write a full story from this picture and story!
Thank you for sharing this with us!


Posted by DrakentheBlack 2 months ago Report

Thank you very much!
You are welcome to write a story inspired by this if you want :)