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Size Differences By ZeldaNoVorsu -- Report

Someone alert Alpharad (don't actually).

It's the second anniversary of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Feels like the fifth or something at this point, but that's besides the point. I suppose this story is in celebration, but it's more an idea I had when making the thumbnail for the first anniversary story last year. Basically, my unoriginal thumbnail files are all whatever size they are when I save them off the internet. When I make thumbnails out of them, I discover the differences in size between some of the files. In this instance, Peach and Palutena were relatively the same size, with Peach being slightly bigger. Samus, however, was far larger than them, and then Zelda, well, Zelda was an absolute giantess. Her file is 3950 x 3950 px big. I always have to reduce her size to use her with other characters. This difference, however, gave me the silly idea to have the smaller thumbnails progressively eaten by the larger ones. I even put them next to each other to get the relative differences between heights to use in the story. So, this one is a bit short-and-silly, but that's the fun of it! It's got both a same size scene and two slight variations on giantess vore, so fun for the whole family (warning, do not actually show this to your family)!

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Posted by CatriamFlockentanz 1 year ago Report

I didn't think there was any reason for their different sizes than you just making it up for no reason. Having their size determined by the size of their picture is definitely unique that's for sure. I guess your cookies know that you like your Zeldas as large and in charge as they can be. ;)
But that's not what I am here for; so:

" “Great… How am I going to get out of this?” Peach muttered, “Well, when in doubt, I suppose… MARRRIIIIIIIIIIIOOO!” "

It's rare that such jokes work for me, but this one actually got a chuckle out of me, that's commendable, so feel commended now, that's an order! :D

Overall the story had the quality I expect from you which makes it kinda sad that I am the first one to comment after a whole week and over 3000 Views...

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Posted by ZeldaNoVorsu 1 year ago Report

While that was a good guess, I would naturally make Zelda the end of the chain, in this case I had a weirdly specific inspiration for it. I was going to retort that I got the image over two years ago, but I had already been at this for about two years by then, so my cookies probably did know my Zelda preferences back then already.

As for the joke, I feel commended. It's all about the execution with one like that. Most others will do the "Mario" scream by itself in response to being eaten as sort of a joke, but it's pretty easy to see coming and not as funny as a result. This one definitely falls under my brand of humor, but it's all about the timing and the less expected lead up. It is kind of weird for there to be no comments for a more popular story such as this. My regulars definitely read it but decided to not comment I guess.

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