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Just a lick ! By Karbo -- Report

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Just a lick I'm sure X3
It was a sketch upgrade for Homer4hire247 on my Patreon ^^ We might see the continuation of this one in the future and find out if that passing centauress really just wanted a little lick or something more...

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 10 months ago Report

Well horses eat plants so it's only logical centaur girls would like plant girls :p


Posted by Karbo 10 months ago Report

true XD


Posted by NAACCOUNT101 10 months ago Report

I wonder how many giantess' would take a random tiny to only to get oral for pleasure and not eat them, unless the tiny wants to.


Posted by Altimos 10 months ago Report

I'm guess... no, 100% SURE, it was something more :3
I mean... we ARE talking about Felarya here <3 <3 <3


Posted by MaskedSinner 10 months ago Report

Agree, also she does have two stomachs to feed (I think, might need to get back to you at this one).


Posted by LargeCactus666745458 10 months ago Report

My assets are too SMALL!!!


Posted by Kasra 10 months ago Report

I dunno, horses do like their greens..


Posted by Rissery 10 months ago Report

I'd love to see a continuation of this.


Posted by PrinnyDood 10 months ago Report

Love this one!

Something tells me that centauress might suffer some slander over the dryad network after this, though. xD


Posted by Karbo 10 months ago Report

hahaha XD


Posted by kibroman 10 months ago Report

Is ... is ... fantastic and sexy
poor dryad
she also seemed lovely


Posted by FallenBlade04 10 months ago Report

Oh Chouette ! Une Centaure ! Elle mignonne qui plus est , je trouve . Est-ce que cette scène se déroule sur les Collines de Moyuk sur Felarya ou sur le monde d'orignes des Centaures ? :-) . D'ailleurs ( je me trompe peut-être ) , mais j'ai remarquer que les Centaures et leurs congénères des sous-espèces arborait pour la plupart des tatouages au visage : ces derniers symboliste t-il leurs appartenance à un clans , leurs caractères ou cela représente le succès d'une épreuves qu'ils / elles auraient réussi par le passé ? :-) . Excellent travail Karbo , comme toujours . ^^


Posted by FallenBlade04 10 months ago Report

Sa donne envie de voir la suite . :-) . Sinon , venant d'une prédatrice géante , ont-est presque jamais certains de leurs intentions véritable , hé hé .... :-)


Posted by Servas 10 months ago Report

Well, if you save the image, it gets default-named to CentauressvoreB... So think we have our answer! :P


Posted by Dickevin 10 months ago Report

How the hell did she got her earring ? And the face paint ?