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Future Flank Fat By doomfister -- Report

“Halfway there flank fat,” teased Bug, pinching her ponut around her meal’s waist with a throbbing kiss as if to cement her progress. The mere mention of being plot padding had the unicorn practically squealing, her pulse quickening with each rise and fall of her heaving barrel as each syllable stirred a shiver out of Diamond, in an overbearing flurry that wracked the equine’s entirety as what was happening wound her up like a salacious spring. Bug could feel the statement percolating through the mumbling mare as the unicorn tensed upon her tender ring to the tune of dancing desires as the perverse pleasure her giddy brain so demanded was paid in full of each tempting tug of the clawing colon consuming her.

The motions a far cry from the normal panic the earth pony was used to as instead of sweaty desperation each steamy breath was saturated in deviant desire as a deep-seated fantasy was fulfilled. The tactile stimulation of the trickling tugs proving overwhelming for the soon to be devoured Diamond, as each oozing undulation inundating her entirety leaving the sexual tension tangible with each lap of the lumen’s velvety walls. The urge for one last thrill in the wake of absolute domination leaving the pony panting, her mind drenched in dopamine as the squelching suction of the sphincter seeped over her cooing contours with each contraction of Bug’s crushing core. Each pulsation of the pert pucker claiming another inch of ivory fur, in a slick seal that perfectly conformed to Diamond’s curves, as she trickled into the yawning manure maw. The mare’s sweater snagging on the rubbery rim, slowly stripping her of the teal garment as the warm wool peeled from her back only to be replaced by the sweltering seclusion of the rolling rectum.

“Does your mom know she raised such an eager gut slut? Perhaps I should introduce her to the derriere that digested her daughter, you know before I enjoy some more mature meat and have a family reunion on my rump,” jested Bug, as she promised some backdoor blackmail in an attempt to liven up her squirming suppository. Not that the concept of willing prey was lost on Bug, it was just not her ideal end to an evening as the wriggles for survival were never quite as genuine as the spasming squirms of a panicking log cutter lunch. Even so, Bug knew the backdoor ballet well, and confident that she had a good grip on the unicorn she set about nursing a genuine fear in her soon to be flailing feast who was strangely enamoured by being eaten by the exit only.

“Wait… No!?” blubbered Diamond as the mention of her mom snapped her out of her hedonistic haze, as she didn’t want them to know about her planned career path as adipose. This embarrassment at being an eatable, mixed with genuine concern as she had little doubt that Bug could easily remove her entire family tree from the gene pool with a few greedy guzzles. The exclamation peeking the edge of Bug’s mouth as a smile morphed to the earth pony’s flushed cheeks as she knew her little treat had taken the bait.

“O’ yes, I might even wear your little outfit when I pay her a visit…. Nah who am I kidding when I am done with you it won’t fit, though you can share a skid mark with mommy dearest,” continued Bug as she began to bully her captive audience, who’s motions morphed into a more meaningful resistance, albeit it too little too late.

“No, I am fine being food, I will be good flank fat, just leave my family out of it….” protested Diamond, as the sudden raising of the stakes did nothing to quench the fire burning between her legs as she found crooked arousal in the potential familiar feast. The unicorn becoming acutely aware how far Bug’s tailstar had trekked as it was edging over the back of her head like a plush pillow. She didn’t have time, it might have been a folly as the earth pony would surely renege on any promise, but she had to convince Bug to show leniency, some sort of compliance, some level of capitulat….


With the spark of fear ignited Bug saw little need to talk, and she casually concluded the conversation with a lunging leap of the bounding brown eye. The mare swift to do so lest Diamond tire herself out with her jibbering gurning before the agape arsehole could ease closed over the tip of her waggling horn. The gestures and light wobbles of the hips well-rehearsed as Bug sealed the slut away to stew as the practised predator finalized the smooth intestinal insertion with a few more confident clenches and in time what would soon be an ultimately fatal fart when she bled the bitches dying breath. For now though, Bug could savour the fidgeting form worming within her, as swaying swelling Diamond made tried to negotiate with Bug’s uncaring biology, as from this point forward she was just fodder to fuel the earth pony’s frame.

Bug not sure why the mare was complaining as the grey glutton rolled back on her haunches so she could enjoy the echoing exertion of her pleading prey rumbaing within her, as the cooped-up Diamond tried in vain to escape the tight tunnel trembling around her. To this Bug just gave a shrug, the mare not quite sure why the unicorn was complaining, she had given her exactly what she had asked for….


Diamond foolishly volunteered to be food for Bug, this will not end well for the unicorn as the mardy mare will surely bully her willing meal....

My twenty-first sketch from  Silent_E 's patreon

Kindly coloured by my friend  plaguetyranno who as normal did a stellar job making it pop :)

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