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No Panties By DrakentheBlack -- Report

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Draken loved his wolf, and Seishin loved her dragon.

One day she was laying atop his head petting his mane, making the giant, woman eating dragon purr like a kitten in her arms.

In the middle of their play though, something caught the dragon's attention, and he raised his head up sharply, causing Seishin to slide down his snout. He quickly slipped out his tongue to catch her before she fell back to the ground, and she landed with her rump directly on the soft appendage.

With his tongue now between Seishin's legs, Draken tasted something very sweet that caused him to drool. Seishin blushed brightly, and informed him that she was not wearing any panties. This news only pleased Draken, who proceeded to wiggle his tongue in pursuit of the honey and nectar her nethers produced.

Seishin exclaimed with pleasure, quite aware of how easily this dragon handled her to get what he wanted. Yes he loved the way she tasted, and yes she knew how easily he could devour her. All he'd have to do was open his mouth and withdraw his tongue, and she would be pulled directly into his mouth along with it.

However, Draken loved the little wolf. Enjoying her flavor was just a bonus reward, that came from making her feel good.

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Posted by Nalzindar 9 months ago Report

Sexy ; )
I love the look on Seishin's face, you have absolutely nailed her pleased expression. Draken does also seems to be enjoying himself if judging by his smile. It is fun to see Seishin and Draken cuddling with each other, despite their difference in size and species.


Posted by DrakentheBlack 9 months ago Report

Thank you ^^
Such a cute couple deserves some cute moments, I think.


Posted by optimus110 9 months ago Report

Wow Nalzindar - DrakentheBlack are the best painter and storyteller - I mean there is no person better than you at all - I love your romantic thinking so much :)


Posted by optimus110 9 months ago Report

I'm asking you two to please work more on the subject of unbirth and cock vore - I love both of you :)


Posted by DrakentheBlack 9 months ago Report

Wow! Thank you! That's very much appreciated :)
Worry not, there will be plenty of unbirth and cock vore in our galleries!


Posted by optimus110 9 months ago Report

It's our duty to thank you - yes I saw them all - please build again and build more :)