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New Years Vorgy Art Pack By BlueBlaze95 -- Report

Welcome to another voracious artpack, this one focusing on the fun of the most festive month of the year. This pack is our largest yet with 32 different completed items as well as 27 bonus wips and scrapped concepts that will certainly keep you warm this holiday season.

Check it out here for more details!!!
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or to go ahead and grab it - click here!!!
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Posted by thas 9 months ago Report

hate to ask but will your video ever be released? 2020 has been a rough year


Posted by BlueBlaze95 9 months ago Report

Yes, but not for a while


Posted by pokebreeder25 9 months ago Report

so this has an animation?


Posted by BlueBlaze95 9 months ago Report

yes, It has a single animation 1:05 mins long featuring Same size CV ^^


Posted by Cootaloo7 9 months ago Report

Cock vore good. Will eagerly be awaiting the public release. Also rainbow dash good


Posted by verriplayer 9 months ago Report

when are you gonna realese another animation to public


Posted by folomo 9 months ago Report

I loved the animation!
Really love the social media inclusion. AJ is such a ball-buster. RD should help soften up her attitude. :p
Is this a prequel to the media warfare video?


Posted by lolocs 9 months ago Report

this is the smoothest 3d samesize cockvore animation I've ever seen :o


Posted by Fumika 9 months ago Report

I am cool with anthro, but I am not a fan of regular pony art. So I will just wait until you post your animation on Patreon.


Posted by HumanTack68 9 months ago Report

Is the pack only of human my little pony characters or are they ponies?


Posted by Pseudousia 2 months ago Report

Is this going be released? It’s been over 6 months now.


Posted by BlueBlaze95 2 months ago Report

It'll be coming out in the next week or so