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Hisashi being a fatass By HisashiHinata -- Report


A rumbling belch flew through the air as Hisashi looked over his fat body with a smile. He chuckled, squeezing his fat body in appreciation. The wolf had just finished digesting a group of unfortunate victims he had captured during one of his hunger streaks. As soon as he had his eyes on them, their fates were sealed. They were already wolf fat.

“Heh~ So much for those idiots~” The wolf growled in satisfaction as he continued to play with his new figure. “This place is just filled with stupid tasties waiting to be gurgled~” Hisashi let out a sigh as he laid back, thinking about how many more he wanted to eat… then thought about how many people were even left in this ghost town of a city. As soon as he finds the last morsel, he would leave for another city and repeat the process of devouring its population all over again. It was far from something new for the gluttonous wolf, the city he was currently clearing out numbered somewhere at 3 digits.

“I think I’ll see how much I could gain from a whole country~ I think I’d be massive~” He giggled to himself as he squeezed his fat potbelly with a smirk, “What do you guys think~?”


YO! I won this awesome pic, drawn by SenbikuMew ( ), during one of their raffle request streams! Funnily enough, I won it on the roll that happen right as I entered the stream! Luck, amirite?

I wrote a nice little description to go with it and now I've got a nice pic of, as the title says, Hisashi being a fuckin' fatass. I swear, he ranges from Slutty Twink to Glutton God, and absolutely nothing in between. Oh, well, sometimes, he's shy. But when he's in the mood, he's either one of the two mentioned moods.

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Posted by alexis01 10 months ago Report

Friend, the artist's link is wrong, it gives an error


Posted by HisashiHinata 10 months ago Report

Whoops! Thank you for telling me, it's fixed now!