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An Athletic Diet By BunnyWrites -- Report

Welcome to the livestream cataloguing my diet as I aim to prove the effectiveness of a protein-based diet on athletic performance, provided primarily by tinies. I'm aiming all the way to the volleyball college championships! I’m always in need of new volunteers, so if you’re tiny then please mail yourself in! Or do you have an annoying tiny housemate? Mail them in! Have a tiny ex-boyfriend or girlfriend? Mail them in! I’m not picky, just feed me tinies! Just be sure to use priority overnight shipping, I want my tinies fresh.

This story is an alternative take on my other livestream vore story, Alissa's Snack Stream, that you can read here:

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Posted by Ashunka 10 months ago Report

Was pretty sad when Belle was eaten, I was hoping for a cute relationship. (╥_╥)
Regardless, still a great story!


Posted by BunnyWrites 10 months ago Report

I don't think any tiny is going to have a long relationship with Lynn, but I'm glad you enjoyed the story!


Posted by GGO 10 months ago Report

I love how careless she is about Belle's fate


Posted by BunnyWrites 10 months ago Report

Mhmm me too, I love slightly cruel preds, and I think she'll encourage teasing the bulges in her belly in bed tonight as she feels them squirm inside her~


Posted by ShinjiIkari 10 months ago Report

I like this story a lot more than the other one <3
Personally I think this would also be a more realistic pred to prey relationship. You don't give your early morning toast a loving gentle hug either and you've forgotten what you ate next week.
The story itself is great written, too!


Posted by BunnyWrites 10 months ago Report

Thanks Shinji <3 I think Lynn browses the "tinies are friends not food" dating website more like a menu than a dating site~


Posted by nosuspicious 7 months ago Report

This one is so much fun. The streamer's bending down and opening her mouth to show her viewers that she really did swallow Julian is one of my favorite recurring images in these kinds of stories.

I'd love to see you return to writing about vorish live streams one day. Imagine a story from the prey POV about Julian deciding to mail himself in, seeing his favorite streamer (and crush) up close for the first time, and then realizing she doesn't even have enough regard for his life to let him finish his final words before she gobbles him up...


Posted by BunnyWrites 7 months ago Report

Presenting her open empty mouth to the camera was such a titillating mental image I just love including it, so I'm glad you like it too <3

And yeah the live stream stories are fun. They're a little different to write as there's no mention of sensations/feelings/thoughts, just what the camera sees.

And yeah Lynn would definitely not have the patience to sit through a tiny's speech. She probably allows maybe 10 words, 20 if she's distracted by something else, before she moves in to swallow him whole <3