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Royal Guard's Pony Pick-Me-Ups By lutro -- Report

Recently-minted Royal Guard Gallus is having a rough time getting used to the rigorous work, at what he thought was going to be a laid-back job! Being run ragged and with no end in sight, he needs something with a little more substance to keep him going! Fortunately for him, he encounters three no-so-little-anymore Cutie Mark Crusaders, who just might be what he requires to fill up for work!

This story takes place near the series finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, wherein the Cutie Mark Crusaders are all canonically grown up (which makes them even more filling as a griffon's meal, but more importantly makes them of-age)!

Commissioned by Arstica!

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Posted by SleepySleepy 7 days ago Report

Look closely at the proposed tag additions. One is "wiling" with only one l, the other is "Willing" with two l's. "Willing" is the correct spelling.


Posted by lutro 7 days ago Report

Noted! Looks like "Unwilling Prey" got accepted already (via votes), and I rejected the one with the typo.


Posted by jjlava 6 days ago Report

When will people learn to feed their soldiers properly?