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Emily and the Grimm Granny Comic Coming Soon! By glitch0077 -- Report

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Look forward to this one coming out in the near future!

Ever since making my Emily and the Fragglewump series, I've always had a thing for pretty girls as willing meals for an elderly-like or grandma-like creature. Something about the way the girl's innocence works with the gentle playfulness of the elderly grandma-like troll, covering up the vile and hungry intentions the hag-like creature has for the girl's tasty and supple body. It works even better if the girl is willing, in my opinion, as the girl's willingness to be fondled and eaten enhances the innocent nature of the girl trusting this elderly figure completely with her body.

So I decided to make a comic entirely with this premise. A girl goes to a secluded cabin in the woods and finds an elderly crone lying in bed. The girl sits against the granny's lap innocently, and the granny beckons her to lean over for a closer look. The hag then begins to put her hands on the girl and fondle her, examining her shoulders, facial cheek, and breasts. The hag licks her wrinkled lips and decides the girl is good enough to eat and begins lifting the girl into her mouth. The girl smiles and willingly allows the old crone to pull her face into the waiting lips. The hag's jaws stretch wide and unhinges like a snake as the girl's slender body is slowly pushed inside. The ordeal ends with the hag slurping the girl's supple legs down like spaghetti. The old granny now lies in her bed with a full belly, the girl's shoulders and hips protruding against the granny's stomach and forming distinct bulges on the old and wrinkled skin. The girl has become the hag's meal, and she won't be coming back out.

Obviously in my mind, the girl had to be Emily. As this concept brewed in my mind, it seemed like an intuitive next step to make Emily into Little Red Riding Hood. Given the fairytale like nature of the concept, I figured why not turn this into a twisted vore take on the old Little Red Riding Hood Grimm Fairytale. Instead of becoming a meal for the wolf, she just becomes a meal for her ol' granny. An idea came that her grandmother coveted her granddaughter's beauty and youth, and wished to return to that. Emily's grandma became obsessed with the idea that she would have to consume her own granddaughter, who looked like nothing more than a delectable morsel in her eyes, in a corrupted way to somehow absorb her youth and sex appeal. Then came the idea that this entire storyline can be turned into a fairytale lore origin story for how the Fragglewump came to be - that a long, long time ago in the age of myth, the Fragglewump used to be human until she threw away her right to humanity by committing the grave, vile sin of devouring and digesting her very own granddaughter, and as punishment she became cursed with the ugliest and vilest appearance of them all. Now she roams the earth as an immortal, but utterly depraved troll, with nothing but grimy rodents to eat, yet she somehow has an inexplicable craving for the flesh of pretty human girls, the reason for which is now lost to time...

Anyways, that's enough rambling. Just wanted to explain how I came up with this disturbing vore story. I'll be sending out a couple of preview pics in the coming days. Hoping to get this out sometime this Friday!

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Posted by TeruyukiKiryuin 1 year ago Report

Really looking forward to reading this! Looks so promising <3


Posted by glitch0077 1 year ago Report

It's available now! Take a look at the other directory with the purchase info!