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fake coco sketch page. By darksidesofsix -- Report

fake coco is disgusting.
i think thats pretty cool.

my head cannon for her is that since shes an imperfect copy, she has a very flawed digestive system. it usually depends on what she eats but sometimes it happens regardless and on random, but she gets EXTREMELY gassy. so gassy her stomach bloats up BIG.

her meal could already be digested soup and well on its way out of her system, but her stomach is still ballooned out because of backed up and fast forming gas.

she also digests food, gains and loses and weight at an accelerated rate. so one big meal will most noticeably add fat to her.

she loses alot of it during her sleep, having her wake up with a strong gluttonous urge to eat.

shit she could loose it even faster during the day if she would get off her ass for a walk or something, but shes extremely lazy.

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Posted by N7Slayer 1 year ago Report

I gotta say, she's got a unique allure to her


Posted by MrWiseGuy 1 year ago Report

You should do more of her since she is underrated


Posted by MrWiseGuy 1 year ago Report

I really do hope you do more Crash bandicoot stuff this is really well made


Posted by AfraArt 1 year ago Report

Yay, more fake coco!~ <3


Posted by TyronneVB 1 year ago Report

I want meet her