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POV Vore: Yoshi's Egg Thief (Fatal) By ActualAlisterWilde -- Report

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So this was a small side project I was able to get done in one sitting. I made a list of Mario predators I would love to see in a vore story and figured I would start with a personal favourite of mine.

*This is a first POV story for me so any and all Criticism is apricated.

This is a POV story involving Fatal digestion and Scat.


The trees went by you like a blur. A speedy steal quickly turned into a mad dog sprint for dear life as you fled the Yoshi nest as quickly as you possibly could. Your group thought it to be a good idea to try and steal some eggs. You forgot what you even planned to do with them, but It didn't matter now, you were being hunted, the rapid sound of their footsteps charging  after the attempted egg thieves. You thought back to when you were all at the nest, three of the guys were all attacked in sync. The Yoshi were perched above, watching as one leaned down to grab the egg, all three of the closest men were grabbed by those rope like tongues and dragged into the leaves out of sight. Only sounds of swallows and gurgles followed, then the rest appeared.

Currently you were behind the rest of the group. Sweat pouring down your face as you dreaded what would happen if you were to be caught. Yoshi ate their prey whole, so a long and dreadful fate awaited you if you got caught. You used that trail of thought to hightail it out of there. You looked at the horrified faces of your group when they looked back as a reminder you were still being chased. You dared to take a peek, lest you fall over and then come face to face with your devourer.

That's when you noticed a long, red, rope-like item shoot over your shoulder and miss you by an inch. You gasped as it wrapped itself around your friend before pulling him back. You heard their screams fade into swallows. They were now close enough to start lashing out at you! Being the one at the back you were the natural target! You knew it was just a moment of time.

Thoughts passed through your head. Is there a way to beg for mercy? Perhaps it would be over quicker then you guess? Maybe there's no pain at all? What if they don't eat you, maybe the sounds are just affectionate licks? All these hopeful dreams of a safer way out were shattered instantly as you felt a rope tighten around your leg. You look down and see the slimy, sticky, tongue squeeze your ankle and pull you to the floor with a loud thud. You cried for help from your friends but they showed you no more than one quick look before legging it off, leaving you to your fate.

You turned back around and saw a rainbow of Yoshi coming at you. You dreaded what they would do to you. But to your shock they only seem to give you an amused look as they ran past you at remarkable speed. Keeping their pace to catch the rest of your group. You could only hope some of them escape with their lives. After the main stampede passed over you, it revealed one singular Yoshi pulling you towards himself. His mouth wide with a cunning smile, a joyous expression from a hunter that just caught it's prey. And that's all you were to this Predator. His next tasty meal.

You quickly broke into fearful squirms and struggles, trying to grab onto a tree, rock, grass, ANYTHING! It was a token gesture however. Yoshi tongues were able to pull down giants and tackle remarkable weights, something that you were not. Simply put you were a trivial meal for this Yoshi, a measly snack, the same treat you would treat a chocolate in a selection box. You were dragged slowly but surely as the Yoshi enjoyed watching your fearful struggles. Quickly you began pulling at your new ankle bracelet. But it wasn't budging either. Watching that open maw slowly approach closer and closer, you feared for your very life. All your struggles came to nothing as the Yoshi approached, each step taken with a sense of drama, the whole time it looked right into your eyes as he approached. You knew full well he was enjoying this and planned to enjoy you to the fullest.

The tongue came free and propelled right back into the maw at speed. The predator licked his lips of your taste and smiled even further. You were frozen in fear, inches away from your devourer. There was no escape, there was no help. Just you spending your last minutes stunned in front of the creature that would gobble you up and dispose of your existence. The Yoshi itself was twice your height and three times your size. You heard they were much smaller but the size of the egg should have given away these are not normal Yoshi. The creature stepped forwards and stomped down onto your chest with it's bare foot. Three large toes spread across your body, pressing down and keeping you pinned. Not that it needed to, it was a show of dominance. To really show you how pathetic you were it him.

You were treated to the pungent aroma of his foot. The smell of a sweaty foot done chasing it's prey made the experience all the more uncomfortable for yourself. The Yoshi stood above you let out a small cry in their usual, cute sounding voice. You would have found it cuter, if it wasn't about to eat you alive. The massive head tilted down to look at your squirming form again. You could've swore you heard it let out a sound that sounded like a giggle. But that didn't matter as the foot lifted and stomped down on your face, covering your view and burying your head into his soft insole. You were pressed down against the grass. Your face buried in the warm, moist bottom. You could hear the muffled sounds of the Yoshi. It was enjoying itself tremendously at your expense. You could hear it moan and giggle to itself above you. Meanwhile the smell and pressure was getting increasingly uncomfortable. Out of all the Yoshi to be caught by you happened to get the one with a foot fetish!

Then came the horrible trampling. You watched as your view was released and light returned to your vision. Only to have the beast come down on you again with a heavy stomp. You gaged and moaned as each stomp became harder and more punishing. It was deliberately pushing it's foot against your face. Wanting you to inhale the musk. Feel the weight and suffer under it's domination. Each step began to feel more like a rhythm. One Then Two and One then two. You tried to get the rhythm to take your mind off the sweaty taste and smell. But soon enough the stomping had sapped your energy. You lay there, sweaty, exhausted from your trampling. The foot lifted for real this time. You remained trampled into the ground, panting, tired.

The Yoshi looked down at you with an expression that read: Pathetic. You slowly twitched back into a sitting position and looked up at the dominate being. You begged and pleaded, hoping to appeal to whatever morals the creature had. Unlucky for you the beast seemed only amused by your begging. You sighed and could only watch as the Yoshi brought it's head down to your legs and used it's tongue once more, grabbing your feet and sucking them into it's maw. After it's mouth sealed, it's eyes slowly rolled back into locking on yours. As you locked eyes again your terror returned. Your second wind kicked in. You were being eaten!

You tried to kick and push your way out of the mouth. But the big nose stopped you getting close and kept your body pinned as the Yoshi savoured your squirming feet and defenceless little toes. You called for help again and again. forced to watch as you were slowly tasted. This was no way for anything to die let alone a human being. Then the smile came back and you felt a sharp tug, dragging you under the Yoshi once more. Your legs sucked right into that massive cavern of a mouth. His lips sealed tight around your waist. The Yoshi stood up and you weakly dangled from it's maw. Your head inches off the ground but you were suspended all the same from the mouth of your devourer. The Yoshi smiled at your pathetic squirms and savoured all over your slender legs and delicate rump. Smiling at the delicious taste you provided him with. At this point you weren't just a meal, but a toy. Something for him to enjoy this long while.

You called for help again and seemingly on cue were sucked in further and closer to the mouth. Your belly and lower chest getting pulled inside and feeling that invasive tongue wrap around and squeeze the flavour out of you. Then came the first swallow, sucking your feet and lower legs into the tight throat. You resorted to begging. A chorus of "Please don't!" and "Wait NO!" Came from you as you felt that hot gullet funnel your body in, ready for the final trip. The Yoshi seemingly rolled his eyes at your begging and leaned back. Your tight pressing from the lips parted and you got a look of the maw for a brief window. Light illuminated the dark red, hot maw. Steam escaped the warm cave as it was covered top to bottom in Yoshi saliva and spit. You could only let out a weak scream as the lean back forced gravity to help drag you screaming into the large maw. You lay, back against the tongue as the Yoshi stood back up. You watched above your head as the lips closed, sealing you off from the world for the last time. With half your body in the throat already you closed your eyes and accepted your fate.


With a few heavy swallows you were eventually sucked into the carnivores gullet and swallowed down whole and alive. You slipped down the tight slimy tube quickly before pressing on the stomach entrance. You knew exactly what that was you were pressing against and couldn't help but sob as you felt it open drop you right into the boiling hot stomach. You fell in with a splash and right away the experienced stomach got to work. You heard the groans and moans as you were tossed around. The stomach walls sticking to you tightly as you nicely filled the big Yoshi's big appetite. On the outside the Yoshi was jogging back to it's home with the others, all with filled, tight bellies. Your Yoshi licked it's lips the whole time, enjoying the extra foot flavour it had given the best tasting meal it had ever had. You were rocked and rolled about as the Yoshi travelled, the stomach slowly filling with bile as it rose to soften up the meat in it's belly. You whimpered and groaned, your time was running out and there was nothing you could do but wait...

For the good part of an hour you sat stewing around in the digestive juices. Moaning to yourself as you were slowly weakened by what felt like a pool of soda. The constant bubbles on your skin as you stewed in the pot belly become less of an annoyance as you started to loose feeling in your body. You became for the most part asleep, struggling to keep your eyes open as the digestive juices worked over your body, sapping your strength and draining your will. At this point you had no senses, no thoughts just succumbing to the strength of the stomach acids around you. Eventually you drifted away into a deep sleep that you would never wake up from. Your sizzling body finally breaking apart and becoming a thick mush that is sucked dry over the night...

The Yoshi all awoke from their sleep and went about their day. Their eggs all ready for hatching soon, the defended them from all kinds of threats, just like your group. And without fail the Yoshi would dispose of them, protecting their young and defending the tribe. Even occasionally a weary traveller would be snatched up and taken to the alpha for devourment. There were none who knew of the Vore hungry Yoshi tribe as there were none to tell the tale...

The Alpha made it's was to the edge of the forest where it scouted for any more threats. All was safe however. The wild creature taking a satisfying burp as it cozied up to some bushes. The Yoshi closed it's eyes and strained, squeezing out log after log of foul dung, leaving a large pile of brown mush all littered with white, bleached bones and some human clothes. The Yoshi smiled. The feeling of the human under it's foot and the succulent meat slipping away down it's gullet would not be forgotten soon. After all... You were it's favourite meal yet...

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