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Loona's Hellhound Haunches [COLLAB] By RexLou -- Report

Turns out Loona doesn't enjoy being thought of the lazy one in her work place. She'll show a couple of her coworkers just how much work that fat ass of hers can do...

If you couldn't tell by the thumbnail, this story is a collab with the extremely talented  Asaneman, with this fic meant to pair with his latest comic. It's always fantastic to work with the man to see how I can try and do justice to his art work with my own words. This time the resulting fic is shorter (about 3K words), but I still think y'all will have some fun with it.

Google link:

DA link:

Asane's piece:

Edited with the help of some folks on on here. Thanks a ton as always!

All characters and settings are part of the Helluva Boss webtoon and belong to their respective owners. Thumbnail artwork drawn by Asaneman.

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Posted by tachankamain 1 year ago Report

awesome work!!


Posted by RexLou 1 year ago Report

Danke, I'm glad you enjoyed!


Posted by JustThatDude 1 year ago Report

Nice work! You really make Loona into the big bad bitch she is and I wouldn't have it any other way!


Posted by RexLou 1 year ago Report

Hell yeah! Glad to know I hit the right mark with her personality! I feel like all of those Midna stories trained me for this lol


Posted by wolfSnack 1 year ago Report

While I'm not a HUGE fan of her eating Moxxie/Millie (they're just too wholesome to eat), you nailed her personality, taunting, and the digestion descriptions! Fantastic work, coming from a fellow writer :3


Posted by RexLou 1 year ago Report

As someone who wasn’t a huge fan of those two I didn’t have the same attachment, but I will admit I may have done them slightly dirty lol

Glad you enjoyed the fic tho, I’m happy I hit all of the right spots with Loona, she was a ton of fun!


Posted by wolfSnack 1 year ago Report

Have you considered writing more stories with her? I'd love to see her putting vorish skills to use on an IMP job -- help all those humans find their natural place in the food chain XD


Posted by RexLou 1 year ago Report

Possibly honestly! It depends how my free time aligns and if the inspiration ever hits.


Posted by Miridium 1 year ago Report

The timing of this fic couldn't have been more perfect! A new Helluva Boss episode was released recently.


Posted by RexLou 1 year ago Report

The new episode was crucial studying material for this lol

I’m glad it tickled your funny bone for this kind of content~


Posted by AionV 1 year ago Report

Imp vs Heckhound.

Heckhound wins. Imps ruin wardrobe and win by proxy. Nobody wins.


Posted by Zombeslayer123 1 year ago Report

Tbh you should add like a part were in it where a human/demon/hellhound hybrid falls into hell meets her and etc