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Gaige's Dinner Date By TarenGe -- Report

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Gaige was surprised when the little neko asked her out on a date, sure they greeted each other on the sidewalk once in a while but it's not like Matthew and she were close. Still she had to admire his confidence so she said yes to meeting him at a nearby burger joint after work.
After work Gaige headed to the the burger joint eager to see how the rest of the day was going to play out. When she walked in she spotted Matthew waving to her from a corner booth and smiled. Sitting across from the cat boy the two would chat for a bit, Matthew telling Gaige about his day with the hyena telling the neko the happenings of her job as well.
As the two continued to chat Gaige noticed the cat boy stare at her belly every time it growled followed by a faint blush on his cheeks. Wanting to check how curious this cat was the hyena leaned forward with her maw gaping inches from his face. When Matthew froze up staring down her throat with a surprised face glowing beat red, Gaige realized why the cat boy asked her out.
"So you wanted me to eat you?" Gaige asked. Matthew replied with a nod still blushing from her earlier display.
"Well I can't say no to a face like that now can I, now come 'ere cutie." Gaige said.
Grabbing his feet the hyena slurped up the cat boy till his head was sticking out of her mouth. She ran fer tongue across the neko's face practically tasting the heat of his blushing face, then she swallowed sending the last of Mathew down into her belly.
Unzipping her uniform Gaige reclined back as her full belly hung out. Picking her teeth she said "I hope your having fun in there because you feel absolutely wonderful in there."
Matthew didn't say anything in return, just sitting in her belly with a bright red face surprised at how fast everything happened.
The next day Gaige ducked into an alley, her date from last night was very eager to leave after a long night of digesting. With her uniform down around her ankles the hyena began to push, her date spreading her cheeks on the way out causing her to grunt and moan in pleasure. Sighing Gaige said "You felt as good going out as you did going in, shame we could only go on a date once." Unbeknownst to the hyena a certain collar that sat atop the pile of ex cat boy read a new number that implied her wish wasn't as farfetched as she thought.

an absolutely amazing commission I got from  Shoelace and featuring  Novalori's cat boy Matthew.

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Posted by Novalori 9 months ago Report

Aw hec-


Posted by techtician 9 months ago Report

This is adorable.

That's a hot hyena.

And she kinda reminds me of my Lycan OC Ace Phoenix. He's a starfighter mechanic who runs a shop when he's not doing jobs in other timelines.