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Lara Croft had finally arrived at the ruins she had been looking for. With her hair in a ponytail she jumped off the rock to the soft ground and made it inside. The darkness was half illuminated by the sun and vines were everywhere.
 "I'll find this artifact and no one or any trap will stop me" said Lara
 All of her hard work raiding tombs and finding special artifacts had led to this super old thing that would be worth millions. But of course selling wasn't her style. Lara was pretty clean aside some dirt on her face, her blue tank top wasn't damaged as well as her tan pants. Her footsteps were loud as she used a flashlight going further into the ruins. Lara ran into a few traps, easily getting past them and a couple of puzzles but all that time doing so many Lara was so used to them it wasn't too hard at all to get through any puzzle. Lara was happy that it was really no trouble and reached the final door. A giant snake was etched into it and she pushed the door open with a smile. Dust and cobwebs broke and a dark room presented itself. Lara sees some things for torches and uses a lighter to light the room up. Now that she could see the artifact. It was a golden snake wrapped around a person shrouded in complete mystery. It was a piece said only to be in legends but here it was in her hand. Lara then looked to her right and noticed a dusty book. A book was never mentioned in the legend so Lara stuffed the artifact in her pouch bag and grabbed the bag. Luckily she could read the language. A giant snake eating someone whole was on the cover. Lara flipped through pages reading and found it to be odd. It spoke of a large snake that can eat a person whole.
 "This civilization found this snake to be almost godlike and offered sacrifices but the weirdest part is how some would go out and find the the beast and feed themselves to it" said Lara
 Lara felt a bit grossed out and was in denial of such things. But for safe measures she stuffed the book in her bag and turned to leave only to step onto a tile that went down. It was the same path she took but this time a trap was there. Then she realized some traps only come up after an object is picked up.
 "SHIT" yelled Lara
 The ground opens and Lara starts to fall into a tree area under the ruins. Lara's weapons were scattered as she hit branches and her clothes were torn. Luckily the place was severely overgrown as the branches broke her fall. Lara hit the ground and coughed looking up seeing the top. Lara felt lucky she didn't fall into a pit of spikes. She looked to her side seeing a way out with the sun shining in. Lara stood up and looked around making her shudder. Several various bones were scattered all over the place. 
 "What kinda trap is this" said Lara
 Then the sound of hissing came from behind her. A giant green anaconda emerges from the darkness looking at her like prey. Lara was in awe of the snake as it was the biggest one she has ever seen. Then things came together, the bones scattered everywhere and the story of people being eaten.
 "Oh so the trap is you, I'm supposed to be eaten huh well not today" said Lara
 Lara sees her pistol is nearby and lunges over to it, getting the gun. Lara figured the anaconda would be way too hard to kill with just a pistol so that exit was looking mighty fine. Lara sees the anaconda come at her fierce strikes but she casually dodges them before getting to her feet. Getting a better look at it could eat her no problem. Lara gets a shot off which hits the snake barely doing any real damage but it was stunned. Lara smiled and ran past the giant snake towards the exit. She gets through the narrow exit into another room with much more space but the outside was there. Lara had faith she could make it and avoid being eaten. It was so close as she almost touched the exit until the anaconda came in front of her. It surprised her and she ran right into its body and it quickly wrapped around her body while she stood up. Lara tried to struggle but the snake hissed at her and squeezed its body. Lara coughed feeling it crushing her body within its coils. To avoid death from being crushed Lara stopped moving and she fell down with the snake around her still. Now on the ground Lara breathed heavily getting the air back into her lunges. The snake stuck its tongue out like snakes usually do a few times at Lara. Lara groaned with her vision a little blurry but she could still see pretty well. It was only right when her vision came back she looked behind her to see the snake's maw open up. Lara's eyes widened seeing the pink mouth and the hole connecting to its throat. To avoid hurting herself she looked back up and felt the mouth touch her forehead. Lara whimpered as the slimy maw was slowly going down her head covering her eyes and eventually engulfing her entire head. Lara just stayed still and avoided being crushed. Lara's head pushed through the hole and into the anaconda's throat. The snake's long body started to bulge and a perfect outline of a distressed Lara came. The anaconda's jaw went wider at her shoulders and was eating this one with ease just like any other prey. The tongue flicking in between her large boobs making Lara yelp from within. Lara felt the mouth on her large boobs making her blush and feel weird. The green body pushed up as the bulge continued it's way down to the stomach. The breasts made two nice lumps in the anaconda's throat and slid through the pink insides. The snake started to unwrap its coils letting some of Lara free but knew at this point its prey couldn't escape. Lara's slim belly was swallowed by the voracious snake and it ended up at her hips. The under jaw of the snake squishing Lara's fat ass and the upper pushed against her womanhood. Lara blushed and moaned a little. Less and less of Lara was outside of its mouth. The snake had no trouble with her athletic legs slurping and gulping them down. Most of Lara's body was making an outline still traveling through the large snake's body. The snake finally made to her feet and shut its mouth before gulping the last bit. The satisfied snake slithered out of the trap and found a tree in the jungle. The bulge of Lara sank further through the pink slimy insides. The walls pushed up against her body and pulled her further down. That was until she reached the middle and was inside of its stomach. It was a bit better than the gullet but it still felt weird. The snake got fully in the tree and let the bulge of Lara hang while it rested. It decided resting in a tree while its plump woman meal digested for the next two weeks would be perfect. With it's Lara shaped bulge hanging down the snake shut its eyes for now. The bulge moved a little but it wasn't too much. Lara could barely move at all inside of the snake. Even with a little more space in the stomach it still was really tight wrapping around her entire body and covering in digestive fluids that would work on her for the next couple weeks. 
 "Damn it I need to get out of here before I'm digested" said Lara
 Lara had no intention of becoming snake nourishment and started to fight back. Her body moved just a little but it moved the walls a bit. Lara grunted as it was very hard with her body slipping against the wet walls. Lara pushed her hands against the pink walls but they were very strong and at this rate nothing would get done even if she fought back.
 "Shit stupid stomach walls all slippery and what not" said Lara
 The groans started as digestion was settling in on it's new slab of meat. The fluids drenching her entire body slathering her up getting ready to melt her down. Lara's body shined and she felt even grosser. That went on for an entire day and the second day came.
A little pool of stomach acid had formed under her and was slowly but surely rising. Lara figured it would take an entire week for the acid to fill the entire stomach. But something was wrong as she didn't feel any pain. Lara expected to be in complete agony for days on end till death but it was the exact opposite. Lara remembered in the book some would willingly let themselves get eaten by the giant snake. Lara blushed thinking maybe they did that because of how it felt. Perhaps that snake had the same kind of digestion where it felt good. Lara didn't want to accept such things yet and struggled on but the thought of touching herself came to her mind. Another day of the Lara being churned away passed as day three within the snake came. Lara's clothes melted away leaving her sexy curvy body left. But Lara was really thinking of masturbating and even started to touch herself. Lara moaned as her fingers touched her clit and she rubbed it with her eyes closed. The screaming for help turned to moans of pleasure within the snake. Lara came inside of the snake and breathed heavily starting again right after. 
The next day arrived and Lara's entire body was sensitive to everything. The acids made it so her experience would be even better. As she touched herself and the walls pushed against her body Lara climaxed non stop while moaning super loud. At this point her mind was gone and only thought of the pleasure of being digested alive. Day five came and the acid was rising quite a bit. It was actually pretty high but the horny Lara didn't even notice as she was nonstop masturbating. The churning got louder and Lara was actually starting to dissolve a little. Day six came and the acid was almost at the top. Lara just moaned while still spraying cum in the acid making mix with her melting body. As the final day went on Lara's last climax came that night and right as the seventh day hit the stomach filled with acid. The moans stopped and the moving as well ceased to happen. Lara had reached the end and was now just a chunk of meat to be churned away. On the outside the bulge for the next few days started to lose its shape. The curves of her ass, boobs and face rounding out as she melted away. 
As the tenth day came around only a vague shape of Lara remained. Her ass was almost flat but her breasts and face were gone only showing a bit of her head was still intact. But soon enough as another few days came the bulge was gone. All that remained was a fatter midsection where the outline used to be. All that was left was sloshing soup that used to be the tomb raider Lara Croft. The final days ended up just being the snake absorbing the nutrients of Lara and her becoming snake nourishment. Nothing remained of her, not a single bone was spared from digestion. The snake with an empty stomach slithered down the tree and went back to its lair to wait for some other unlucky person to fall into the hole. The snake slithered past Lara's stuff and smacked them to a corner with its tail unknowingly. Lara Croft was nothing more than a victim to the snake's gluttony.
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Snake Trap By Coolwoman -- Report

A commission done for Blackheart55
Word Count: 2000

Art by Unknown

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Posted by nomnomvore 2 months ago Report

Loved it~ Always love unwilling to willing, and snakes are also really good.


Posted by SuperheroFood 1 month ago Report

Great work. Love Lara Croft, and love her being eaten.


Posted by Coolwoman 1 month ago Report

Same for both