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Chance Partners By Drakeral -- Report

A story request for  unicorn featuring their lovely unicorn in a D&D style setting. Equustra, a new adventurer, gets in a bit over her head in a dark and dangerous dungeon! Luckily, a friendly kobold is there to help her out. Krait has absolutely no alterior motives. Nope. Not any at all.

I promise I'll post things that aren't Krait soon, but this was a fun one to write. I can't promise I'll take more requests or do commissions in the future, but this was a fun bit of practice and I liked the plot Unicorn pitched. Thanks for letting me use your character!

Word count: about 6.6k.

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Posted by sharky 11 days ago Report



Posted by Drakeral 9 days ago Report

Ayy! I'm glad you like it, thank you!


Posted by unicorn 11 days ago Report

This is great, thanks again for being willing to entertain my idea!


Posted by Drakeral 9 days ago Report

It was no trouble! I really liked the idea and it was a blast to write.


Posted by Entity 11 days ago Report

Wonderful story !!


Posted by Drakeral 9 days ago Report

Thank you! I'm glad ya liked it.