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Zelda 35: Zelda Eats Ganon?! By ZeldaNoVorsu -- Report

Happy Zeldanniversary! In celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda series, I'm going to be releasing a series of short stories to celebrate!

This story is fairly simple, but it features one of those classic vore tropes I haven't really done with Zelda before: the princess eating the final boss. More specifically, Zelda eating Ganon, as she has eaten the likes of Vaati before. Also, since Link is supposed to be your link to the world, I made this story POV, even though you aren't the one being eaten. This story is set during the original game, but look for one set during A Link to the Past next!

Thumbnail is a Ko-fi commission I got:

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Posted by ABrinson27 9 days ago Report

Ah feels good to be the hero~ And you get the sexy bloated princess~