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I was floating in a dark and cloudy void. Above me, a single star pierced through. It was small, but something about it seemed familiar...
It was that time again. I was Alyn the Adept, and now was when I readied my spells for the next day. Normally I would select things that were useful for my work in the church, such as Purification of food and drink or a basic healing spell. But now I would need spells that would be useful in a fight. Why, if I'd had a Sleep spell handy, I could have handled those rats at my leisure instead of being cornered and eaten up.
...Ah, yes. That had definately happened. Was I a ghost now? According to my readings, ghosts of spellcasters should still be spellcasters themselves, but few had ever reported seeing such. But that didn't feel like what was happening now. This was not any afterlife I'd ever heard about, and as a part of the church I was supposed to be an expert on these things.
Looking around, I can pick out aspects of the void that resemble the evil Sky from yesterday (let's call it yesterday anyway, though it might as well have been 15 minutes). But there are other colors as well.
While I was considering my connection to my Diety and the powers I get from them, I was looking up at the Star. I often pick my spells in a dream like this. Which would make the Star... a representation of that connection, surely. Are there any other clues I can pick out from this scenario?
...I feel hungry. It's a strange hunger, and weak, but present. As I consider it, I find myself looking at the Red in the void. Those rats had been as confused as me about their sudden urge to eat me alive. And the thought crosses my mind... I could eat the Rat next time, swallow them whole like they did me. That should be impossible. But I know I can do it.
Spell preparation complete. It's time for me to wake up.
I wake up lying down at the front door of a castle in the woods. The Sky is like before, pulsing red and dark. I realize more solidly than yesterday that I shouldn't be able to see without a sun or moon in the sky, but I can anyway. I look at my arm - the gash is gone. I'm unblemished and clean, except for having been lying on the ground just a few seconds ago.
I can go into the castle, or strike out into the woods. I see no sign of life except the trees, and the castle's defenses have been left open. Wait, are those... apple trees mixed in with the others? This place might be livable after all...
Alas, my good luck soon comes to an end. As I enter the castle (Which I've decided to call Apdale Stronghold if it turns out to matter), I catch the attention of a undead Troglodite lizardperson which stumbles out of the darkness (The castle seems completely unlit) and into the glow coming from outside.
I'm outmatched again. A sleep spell won't work on something that does not sleep, and my other offensive spell won't be enough. My best chance is to break away and run back into the forest. Unfortunately, it manages to grab onto me before I can start running, and I can't squirm free before it leans forward for a bite. Barely hanging on to conciousness, I break loose and shuffle outside - but I don't have the presence of mind to close the door when I pass it.
Before I can pick up speed, the lumbering brute has caught up with me. But this time, it doesn't have the time to grab onto me again before I take off running, bloody but alive.
Now the question becomes, was the zombie under a cumpulsion to stay near that room? And if not, can I find some kind of salvation in the woods?
Again, the odds are against me, though there are... possibilities. There's still the slight chance that whatever I run into next will be friendly.
*Lucky you.*
Something dives down out of a tree, grabs on tomy arm, and pulls me up to a low branch. where it sets me down. Acting quickly, I struggle into a more stable position and climb up to a higher branch. The reptillian zombie, when it catches up, draws a weapon and takes a few swings at the tree, before concluding that reaching me is now beyond its power and heading back the way it came.
I use the most basic of healing spells to staunch the bleeding from the troglodite's fangs, thankful that it was only a zombie and not something contagious, then look around to get a better look at my rescuer. I'm surprised to see that it is a tiny dragon, behaving very much like a winged cat and acting as if it had nothing to do with what just transpired. I didn't think that Pseudodragons could carry something as heavy as a human.
*Only for a few seconds.*
I think and speak my thanks to the creature, noting that it's the first intelligent thing I've found since... the sky turned red.
*Things have changed, but the world isn't empty yet. I helped you because I could, and because... you ~~~~~*
Whatever that last concept was didn't come across.
*You gleam, magically. It's not just your divine magic, or the fact that you smell more delicious than you should. But it's probably connected to both.* the pseudodragon admits.
So they feel the urge to swallow me whole too. But they're a sentient being who can decide not to. And I should still be to big for them.
*That should be true. But it's closer than you might like. Also, don't get any ideas about eating me either. On the one claw I'm a better fighter than you, and on the other I won't revive like you do.*
I may not be a great and wise wizard, but I tell them that I want to stick with them while I figure out what's happening. They make a show of making a big decision and feigning disinterest before saying that I'm unusual enough to keep watching.
And so the day ends with the tiny dragon leading me to a relatively safe spot to rest and prepare for tomorrow...
Meanwhile, back in the mountains...
<Too little food. Too small pack... Sky wrong. Home all wrong.>
<Ran into moving rock. Acted strange... or the same?>
<Feel different. Not sick, but strong? ~~~~~.>
<Ate human. How? Could eat pack? Yes, no. Don't wanna.>
<...Keep looking. Keep foraging.>
Notable Stats:
Alyn: Level 1 Adept
Pseudodragon: Level 5 Dragon
Dire Rat B: Level 2 Animal
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Alyn discovers that that was not the end, and tries to figure out what is going on in this twisted journey of hers. Finding herself someplace else again, can she avoid being eaten this time?

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