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// We Need A New Mayor...
// Story: Derby Unfortunate Accident
// by Sub0-82
 Derby is a gray coated Pegasus mare with a blond mane and tail having matching color eyes. Her two most apparent appearance being the her eyes are crossed-eye letting her see two places at once being the first. The second would be her soft rounded pillow of a butt that houses her cutie mark being bubbles. Her main job being the mailmare of her town being loved and annoyed by all when she came by. Don’t mistake her as talkative annoying or starting drama annoying, she just happens to cause a few accidents around her. Wanting a few extra bits for emergency though, she takes on a part time job for the mayor of the town. Mostly helping later in the day after delivering mostly small mail runs in the morning, before heading in after lunch to start a different shift. Today however was her day off from being the mailmare and instead was working all day in the town hall to Ponyville.
 Derby was having a decent day helping Mayor Mare as her temporary assistant. So far she hasn’t bump into the few remaining glass decor!...don’t ask her what happen to the missing glass frames... she doesn’t know what happened...
She mostly just had to sit up front and greet any pony that walked in, helping them with appointments. Checking in new appointments requesting an audience with the mayor or those scheduling a meeting as well. Sometimes she got to help grab non important documentation just for pony’s to fill and later be submitted for approval. Other times it was collecting any fines and documenting the transaction on paper with both signatures.
 Today however was a slow day for the town with next few days being clear from any important meetings. She was looking forward to lunch right around the corner. Forgetting her lunch at home, she planned eating out instead a bite at the bakery. Until she heard a buzz ringing over the small intercom that lets her talk with Mayor Mare directly. “Miss Derby please close the front if no one is here and report to the filing room. I’m an need or assistance back here” Miss Mayor calling out with a task for her. Getting up and walking to the front leaving the “Closed”sign up on the front door to town hall, to inform the populace of her absence. Once secured Derby heads off to the back room to find her boss to figure out what she needs from her.
 Opening a side door once she stepped into the main office finds several filing cabinets up to 15 hooves high in one part. Next to it by a simple wooden table was Mayor Mare herself looking over a stack of documents. She was a light tan coated mare with a gray mane and tail for her fur colors. Wearing a pair of yellow framed reading glasses mostly to look professional when she didn’t need them to really. A white cloth collar was around her neck tied by a green fluffy bow to make her appear to reenforce the idea of professionalism for her line of work. Her cutie mark being a rolled of parchment tied by a blue ribbon on her pampered plumb of a butt that mostly sits all day.
 “Ah greeting Miss. Hooves.” Mayor Mare looks up from her reading noticing her arrival in the only part of the building Derby hasn’t been allowed back into. “Now unfortunately the little incident last week when getting those tax forms to pass out ready, broke the ladder. I’m unable to wait for the repair pony to take care of my ladder any longer and need these high profile documents filed away to avoid misplacing them among my person documentation of the town.” She points at the rolling ladder in question that’s missing half the steps and snapped in half against wall out of the way.
 Grabbing some documents to hoof over to Derby continues on. “As such I need you to fly to the higher cabinets I can’t reach to file them away for me. This is private information of the town so refrain from opening any of these.” She finishes with a stern look into the mare”
 Knowing now the importance she is being given to help the mayor in such a task as important filing paperwork task. Truly this is a trying times that the mayor is facing needing Derby’s best performance. Derby being the solider metaphorical that she is puffs out her chest, raise her right forehoof up to her forehead giving up in a salute with the best authority face She's stands in attention. Giving her the best most intimidating war face she can... although it’s more adorable looking into her scrunch up face as if she ate something sour with her eye looking both at you and the ground. Truly only the bravest could withstand her cuteness as she awaits further instructions.
 “Yes Mayor Mare ma’m sir!” Derby finishes with a sweet smile before going back with a scrunched face to try and look professional at the task ahead. Being quite besides the growling of a stomach wanting to hurry up and grab a bite to eat soon.
 Mayor Mare though just stared at her with a bored expression, not having the patience to deal with this. She needs at least a pot of coffee with pain-killers for the headache she had to deal with already. She fire her if anyone else would apply to help, but no one else wanted to deal with office work. And besides if she can keep Derby in one spot, she actually does a good job keeping documentation straight and in order. At least if she bumps into anything here only the table is left to break. All the cabinets here are reenforced inside this room so no one could break or steal anything without her knowing. The room itself being nearly soundproof with how this part of the building is meant to keep the records safe.
 “Riiight... Anyways I’ll tell you which folder goes where and under what section inside the cabinets.” Mayor Mare says knowing her files by heart in years of experience. “Get this done quick we can call it a day and head home.” Trying to entice the mare with the reward of home. As Derby completed her salute and grabs the first hoofed over document. Miss Mayor then instructed where each documents went and section for the next 38minutes. Sometimes asking documents retrieved instead before almost all have been completed. Only a few groans of a complaining stomach ringing out due missing lunch currently with promise to be let go soon only taunting the belly more. Derpy trying to ignore her gut mostly just bumps into drawers when distracted. Thankfully she hasn’t broken the sturdy craftsmanship of the room.
 Mayor Mare was watching with close eye as to hopefully jump out of the way from any unexpected destruction or falling items the mare may caused. After so long though grew lax in her demeanor and just sat near the tallest section facing it as Derby was looking for a certain residents files. “Alright last few files for the day. Being your last day here before Mrs. Inkwell returns she will appreciate having these down without the ladder” Miss Mayor stated. “I’ll be glad once they get here to fix it.”
 Derpy mean while found Doctor Whooves file as she pulled the wrong Document out. Forgetting her confidential promise to not snoop through other ponies mail or personal belongings here. She sat it down up front to open and read about the curious stallion that sometime lives in her house or other times in that blue box of his. She got little lost looking at his picture of a brown stallion with a darker brown mane in the profile as she stared into his green eyes in the picture. Before a loud voice scared her, reminding what she just did in breaking a promise of privacy.
 DERBY! You better not be reading anything not concerning you!“ Mayor Mare screamed out to the pegasus causing Derpy to freeze mid flight directly above her head. Wings snapped shut in shut tightly closed from the mare it didn’t take long for gravity to take effect and drop the bubble butt mare back down. Right onto the frozen mayor’s head whose eyes widen at the falling mass before it goes dark with a deafening pop and squish sounding out amongst the crashing body to the floor. Paperwork slowly falling down and around the two mares below making a mess of loose papers around them.
 “Uuugh...” A groaning grayed mare says laying on the floor trying to stop the dizziness in her head to settle as she takes stock on what happen. “Sorry Miss Mayor Mare...” she apologized to her boss as she put a forehoof to her head and tries to stand up only to gasp out loud from a tugging coming from behind her, choosing instead sit down to avoid discomfort. Looking over her withers to her flanks she spots the mayor behind her, only her head seems missing... Twitching in her butt muscles and the movement instead tells her all she needed to know where the head is. “O...oops...s-sorry Mayor Mare.” Brightly blushing starts creeping over her face as she can feel mayor is stuck inside her pucker anus up to the mayor collar. The lodge mayor starting to move around feels for her head only to meet a soft butt instead as she starts screaming inside the smelly hole she found her self inside. “H-h-hold on! Will get you out of there! I promise!” Face still glowing red with another mare up her rectum stands up again this time with more success as the mayor join on her rear hoofs as the others try and pull away off the squishy butt. “Mmmph... oooh... h-hold on mayor... I’m.. mmmph.. trying to puUUaaash yoouuuuooo oowwut...” both mare start trying to separate from each other but little success happens from it.
 As they move in opposite directions to get unstuck, they make decent ground getting a few inches out nearly to the actually head starting to slip out. Grunts ringing out from Derpy as she try’s to fight the pleasure of having something that deep inside. Unfortunately Mayor Mare happens to drag Derby backwards slowly before a miss step on the now empty Doctor folder, causing her to slip and push back any small amount of gained ground back into the plot of the clumsy mare. “Gaaah!? Aaaah....” Derpy not expecting the studded shove back in feels her self getting hot in the crotch area. Starting to brings forget about trying to free the mare and instead focus on the fullness the mayor is giving her. “Oooh... Thi-this is n-not how butt play works...” starting to push back more and actually going past the collar of the mayor, being grinding into her. “But...this fEEeelss so gooUuud...” before her ass starts swelling as more of the doomed mare is shoved in, pinning the front hoofs to the mayor’s belly as her shoulders start falling into the abyss. Derpy starts backing up pushing the mayor up against a wall as the mare tries to make a retreat only getting pinned instead, giving the leverage Derpy needs to start filling herself more.
 Mayor Mare on the other hoof wasn’t having as much fun. Coming to in a dark tight space was strange enough for her. It was way to warm for her liking and the smell wasn’t anything to compliment either. But then finding out where she was feeling the part time help she hired all around her head was terrifying. She felt relieved that it was clean of anything inside besides some clear slime inside, but thats better then...the alternative. At least Derpy was helping her get out of this mess they found them self in. Making progress was fine as well till she slipped on something outside, before losing all the ground they covered. Resting a bit to think of a better plan to get out seeing she this wasn’t working. Not really wanting to walk to the hospital to get them out of this. Till she noticed that Derpy seems to be moving her butt around in a strange way, before suddenly her front hooves where pinned partially under her belly only able to wiggle them softly against herself. Panicking she quickly retreats only to trap herself on a solid surface only to be trapped. A low rumble is heard deeper in the dark bowels of the mare she’s in as the stomach still letting everypony know it’s still hungry ”Derpy! Get me out of here!”
 “AAaaah...this... is hotter then anything I did before...” Derpy feeling the mayor start to fill her ass up truly as she pushed pass up to the belly. Her pussy was drench as her fluids leaked down her leg, winking from being over stimulated just from the mare filling her anal cavity. Derpy panting loudly as her tongue hangs out, drools slowly dripping down onto the ground slowly. She keeps her butt pressed back grinding slowly to force more of the mare in, before her stomach growls louder as she brings a hoof towards her gut to clam it down. Feeling a bulge just below her starving stomach she trails down to rub he head of the mayor before slowly a smile grows on her face. “Ooh... This... this may actually be a goOOoud Ah... accident aaaAfter all...” Thinking of keeping the trapped mayor as a possible lunch instead for a job well done. Looking back to see the mayor’s fatten up butt being right up against her own, ready to be claimed and added to her own figure. “This will fill out nicely as well...Mmmhmm...” As she grinds around the bigger butt just feeling her inside move about with the struggling mare. Before one hard shove back squish the mayor rear inside, leaving only the rear legs and tail flailing wildly.
 “Ahh!!...come on.. get...inside...” Derpy moves slightly away from wall shuffling awkwardly as she gets use to the new weight inside moving about. Short walk she then raises her butt high in the air as she lowers her chest to the ground. In a mounting position she bounce her rear letting gravity slowly drag the mayor down, legs kicking widly only helping her sink insides faster. Moaning all the while she does this, lightly brings a hoof to her gut rubbing the bulge as it travels deeper in. Before long only the knee caps are left having the tail tangled up around from the flailing. Derpy ready to seal off her boss, gets the remaining hoofs onto the floor before sitting the rest of the way down. Moaning loudly as the last of the mare sinks into her, feeling the her rectum twitch softly over the soles of the hoof at the edge. As she rubs her wet pussy on the ground to get the final release she been needing, climax’s all over her floor screaming in pleasure as she dose head held high. Before falling onto her back with wings splayed out, all hoofs hugging the swollen guts best as she can rubbing it softly to feel the trapped mare. Her anus opened slightly able to see inside, the retreating twitching hoofs of a mare before it seals closed.
 As Derpy comes off her orgasm from the anal meal, bring her face into a muzzle into the gut as Mayor Mare reaches into her final destination, a open chamber leaking all the enzymes onto the doom meal “ah..thanks for lunch Mayor. But I think it’s time to go home...” rolling over onto her gut to stand she ignores the sloshing and muffled screams from within. She takes today’s pay off the retired mayors desk and locks up before flying out. Taking the least populated roads home to avoid anyponies along the way. Her guts swaying in the wind as she flew, groans ringing out causing any pony that heard to look around in confusion wondering where the sound came from. Making it home without incident she heads up to her bed to sleep, knowing her eldest daughter would take care of her youngest being her turn to cook.
 Closing her bedroom door behind her and jumping into bed, she hears it groan in protest. Her stomach though making the most noise as digestion really starts picking up, protest screaming from within being overshadowed by it. Looking her self over, she watches her gut moving with hoof prints or a face every now and then poking out. Smiling softly and rubbing the poking face. “Feels just like being pregnant again... only not as large heh...” as she laughs softly towards herself. Watching the movement within for a short time pushing her sloshing gut every now and then just to hear the noise with. A loud gurgling rings out before she feels a pressure building up in her chest before it travels up her throat before...
“Brrraaaauuuup!...” loud ringing belch rings out in the empty house, as saliva and gas expel out of her. Moaning shortly afterwards from just a satisfying release of pressure she lays on her side and let’s sleep take hold, as her body focus the energy on the meal inside. Undisturbed throughout the night the struggles slow down before the belly rounds out fully and shrinking as the mare within is turned into a liquid slush to be absorbed into the body. Smaller burps bringing up bits of tan and grayish pink hair throughout the night being the notable items.
 By the time Derpy wakes up starting a new day get started by stretching all her body out notice her new look. Filling out a healthy layer of new fat on Derpy frame, most notably her belly and flanks. Getting out of bed to stand on the floor she looks her self over liking the new look she got over night. Feeling another pressure building up, she makes a queasy face bring a hoof towards her mouth before a noticeable lump travels up her throat before an object rest just barley inside her mouth, as a small burp rings out. Pulling the mysterious object out with the same hoof notices it’s the yellow frame glasses the mayor had. Looking as it drips residue fluids from it time inside her she smiles softly at the reminder before putting them in a safe spot near her bed. A keepsake from her first meal with hopefully more to come...
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Mayor Mare hires Derpy for part time job while her assistant is out. But an unfortunate accident turns up with a missing mayor and a feed mail mare on her last day.

Been busy but least got a story I been wanting to make after sometime.

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